Chelsea’s Antonio Conte Would Be Right To Dump Diego Costa

It looks like Diego Costa’s days at Chelsea are numbered.

The Spanish international told press that ‘Blues’ boss Antonio Conte had text him to say he was no longer wanted:

“Antonio Conte has told me by message that I do not follow at Chelsea and that’s it. Conte said he did not count on me for next season.”

If this is true, then I don’t agree with how it has been handled (it should’ve been done face to face) but I do believe it’s the right decision all-round.

The rough and ready attacker enjoyed a triumphant debut season. He didn’t really show up the following campaign and admitted he return to preseason over weight.

During his three seasons in England, we’ve seen plenty of tantrums and lot’s of ill discipline from the Brazilian born forward.

Last term he seemed to have righted most of his wrongs. Costa was back amongst the goals, he wasn’t getting into as much trouble with the officials, looked fit and helped his side to the Premier League title.

But we cannot forget that Diego has constantly talked about moving back to Atletico Madrid or a move to China. His commitment at Chelsea was unquestionable whilst on the park but away from the pitch he was always hinting at a move away from the club.

The striker bagged an impressive twenty league goals in his thirty-five appearances, in the last twelve months. That being said it should be noted that went through significant periods during 2017 without getting enough goals. He only scored six times after the New Year. He always seems to have those lean spells in the middle part of a season.

It was been widely rumoured that Costa’s place in Chelsea’s roster could be handed to former Blues man Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian forward struck twenty-five goals for Everton in the Premier League last term and fifteen of them came at the business end of the season.

The main mark against Diego Costa’s name will be his reported fall-out with Chelsea’s fitness coach in January. Conte supposedly said to the twenty-eight year old that ‘there’s always something with you!‘.

That alludes to Costa’s erratic behaviour.

The training ground bust-up was probably the moment Antonio knew that he had to get rid of his top hitman. His antics could’ve cost Chelsea the title had the Italian manager not found away to coexist with the forward. But tellingly contract negotiations never resumed after that incident.

Conte managed to regain Costa’s focus and that meant his squad had no distractions from their end goal. He got a proper season out of the striker and his goals did help secure the league trophy in May.

But now is the time to part ways and let the great, but disruptive, no nonsense forward leave Stamford Bridge.

It’s funny but it is a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Costa has been banging on about leaving London for at least three transfer windows now and when Chelsea decide that he’s right and he should leave, Atletico Madrid are handed a transfer ban.

So his dream return to the Spanish capital has now been dashed but it looks as though AC Milan could now be ready to pounce.

Conte and Chelsea could then move for a forward that they can get the most out of and who won’t bitch and moan every summer.

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