Are Liverpool Fans Finally Questioning Jurgen Klopp?

First off I’m not overly interested in the comparisons between Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and his predecessor Brendan Rodgers.

They had two very different teams.

Rodgers had an in-form world class Luis Suarez leading the line and scoring for fun. He also had a fit Daniel Sturridge working in tandem with the Uruguayan superstar. Then there was the Steven Gerrard factor, the midfielder might have been a veteran in the Rodgers era but he still had enough to pull Liverpool through certain games.

Rodgers did fantastically well in 2014.

German Klopp hasn’t had that world-class goalscorer or a fully fit Sturridge or a player that symbolises Liverpool like Gerrard did.

Klopp has brought in a much more fluid style of football that the Anfield fans have adored during much of his tenure.

But alas Jurgen’s side keep making the same mistakes and now, probably for the first time, the Liverpool support are starting to question their much loved boss.

They haven’t won in their last three outings.

Now I don’t think it’s hit levels where people are questioning his position at the club, nor should they, but they are quite clearly expecting more from Klopp and his side.

The fans are right to demand more and in the long run this current period could actually make Jurgen Klopp stronger at Anfield. He must know that he won’t get a free ride at Liverpool, the support want to see progression and want to challenge for major trophies.

Now it’s all very well having a fantastic frontline and Liverpool have that with the likes of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Frimino, Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho. but you also need to have a strong defence and a very good goalkeeper.

I’m not a fan of Klopp’s decision to rotate his keepers as much as he does, especially when his goalies are Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius. Now I think they are decent but you need a better quality of goalkeeper in my opinion if you are going to win a top honour. That being said stick with one and give the other the League Cup and FA Cup games.

Klopp and the Anfield hierarchy knew that they needed to improve their central defensive area. That’s why they made a big play for Virgil van Djik but after fluffing that pursuit I can’t believe they couldn’t find another centre back to come in and improve the squad.

This week the centre of the defence has again came in for some stick. Sometimes they struggle with the basics and when one of Dejan Lovren or Joel Matip is missing, then Ragnar Klavan plays and he struggles to cope with the pressure. Twice against Burnley on Saturday, Klavan allowed Ben Mee a free header inside the Liverpool penalty area.

The defence struggle too many times to do the basics and that gives opponents a confidence to attack Liverpool and get points from a game that Liverpool should have tied up already.

Klopp and his management team can’t continue to believe that attack is the best form of defence. Teams are creating chances and the Reds defenders lose confidence each and every time they concede a goal. That’s filtering through onto the stands.

Things need to change at the back and Jurgen will need to spend on that area in January, hopefully the Reds won’t be out of the picture by then!

Again it hasn’t hit hysteria type levels but things need to improve and I believe that Klopp is the man to make those improvements as long as he understands that the fans won’t give him all the time in the world to fix the obvious problems.

5 Responses to “Are Liverpool Fans Finally Questioning Jurgen Klopp?”

  1. Supporters who actually go to the match and those of us who live in Liverpool support Klopp. ‘Fans’ on the internet who ‘support’ the club via their keyboards and spew rubbish can do one.

  2. Lets get this straight! These whiners are not Liverpool supporters but FSG haters, frustrated Bluenose’s and Manure trolls who will find a welcome on the mat at Goodison Park.

  3. Klopp needs to act fast, not take time to 3 or 4 year, at that time, i think he already been sack, looks to jose mourinho or pep, they act fast, they don’t waste time to buy good player, they don’t care how expensive is the player because they khow if he take a long time, he won’t survive in his job, the board will axe you, wake up mr klopp…

  4. Leaky defence.. Apart from Robertson, Gomez n Milner for a certain aspect, we don’t have a proven defender. Plus playing Can n Hendo together is causing endless problem. Cant see why Hendo is a captain n playing for LFC. Gini goes missing in games as well. Would prefer for Danny Ward to have a run if games instead of calamity Mignolet or wobbly Karius

  5. Red Ted You live in liverpool and go to the games doesnt make you anymore or less of a supporter than people from elsewhere. Ive been a supporter since I was 5 and I cant afford to go to England and visit Anfield although it is on my bucket list. I support Klopp I however dont support irrelevent excuses. He is a great manager but problems need to be addressed end of story.

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