Footballers And Cycling

Football and cycling can go hand in hand at times.

There’s obvious dangers, 1970s England star Kevin Keegan demonstrated that perfectly as he competed on TV show Superstars and fell dramatically off his bike.

Kevin would have been far better off had he gone to Dave’s Bikes to get the best possible bike.

In a bizarre but true story, I actually met Keegan in Centre Parcs a few years ago. During my stay, Kevin and his daughter both cycled beyond me and I heard his daughter ask ‘Dad when was the last time you were on a bike?‘. I smiled recalling the Superstars clip.

People have questioned whether or not players should be allowed to cycle during their off time. Traffic in major cities like London can prove hazardous for cyclists, and some will state that footballers are taking a chance if they decide to cycle around UK’s capital.

But in all honesty everything and anything can be dangerous for a football star.

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero was recently involved in a car crash and that kept him out of action for a few weeks, while French defender Adil Rami missed three games after dancing to Gangnam Style on stage, which caused an infection to a wound he previously had.

Footballers can pick up injuries in any situation, so as long as they show some common sense then cycling shouldn’t cause any real issues.

Former Fulham and Arsenal defender Moritz Volz would often cycle to training and even to some games in his fold away bicycle. The German would actually have benefitted in terms of warming up by doing this, especially in his hamstrings.

Volz commute to work certainly caused raised eye-brows with his teammates, Jimmy Bullard said this about the German right back:

“Moritz Volz was another proper weirdo – he used to cycle to training and occasionally to matches which says it all really.”

Volt wasn’t and isn’t the only person getting on his bike in the football industry either.

Former Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini spent a fair amount of cash to get a bespoke designed bike decked in City’s colours, that he’d use to cycle to his work each morning.

England’s women’s national team would often go out together on bicycles in the Netherlands during the Euros earlier in the year. It wasn’t just a useful training exercise, it was also a good way to build up team morale and give the team some time away from the hotel complex.

Many a former footballer will get on their bike as they go on long cycles in aid of charity. Premier League winner Alan Shearer cycled 335 miles from Newcastle to London in just two days to raise much needed cash for Sport Relief back in 2008. Just last month former England international midfielder Geoff Thomas cycled more than 6000 miles for charity Cure Leukaemia.

My advice would be to get on our bike and enjoy a nice ride to your next football match!

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