The Well Society & How They’ve Helped Motherwell In First Year

In my latest video project with Supporters Direct Scotland and Club Development Scotland, we turned up at Fir Park to talk to The Well Society and see how fan ownership has helped shape their club in the last twelve months.

I decided to make it a two camera shoot and film it in the stands.

My reasoning was that by having two different shots it could subconsciously show the viewer that the subjects are now Motherwell Supporters and club owners. Having it in the stands gives me the Motherwell colours and shows the viewer where the heart of The Well Society members feel at home!

The cutaway shots were filmed before a recent Motherwell game and we’ve used shots that should hold up with the club’s entity.

As always the interviews were filmed in 4K and edited on a HD timeline. This allows me to transform the shots while I’m editing. It helps to add more dynamic images and breaks up the cuts, giving it more character. Two Panasonic GH5 cameras were used and Rode mics (Boom & lapel). No lights were needed.

As it was filmed outside in Lanarkshire during March, we did experience a few issues with the wind. But thankfully we used two mics to be safe and that minimised any disturbance.

I hope you enjoy the video! 

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