Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson Keeps Getting Better & Better!

Just five years ago, Andrew Robertson was a teenager plying his trade in Scotland’s bottom tier with Queen’s Park.

Last night, the twenty-four year old shone as Liverpool thumped Manchester City 3-0 at Anfield in a Champions League quarter-final first leg.

Every time I write about Robertson I mention that the left-back has met every challenge head on and conquered them. He did it as Queen’s Park, he then did it in the Scottish Premiership with Dundee United, then again in the English Premier League with Hull City and with the Scottish national team too.

He has done it yet again at Liverpool. Now it hasn’t been easy, he’s had to wait for his chance but when he got that chance from Jurgen Klopp he has taken that with both hands. He has has been fantastic as Liverpool head for yet another top four top flight finish.

His breakout performance to show he belonged at such an illustrious club came against Pep Guardiola’s Man City in the league back in January. The Reds inflicted City’s first domestic defeat of the season. Robertson seemed to run all game, putting in crosses and tackles for the full ninety minutes.

It was fantastic to see a Scotsman make such an impact in a big game, especially at a club that has such a rich history with Scots at the heart of their successes.

Yet even knowing Robertson always seems to rise to the challenge, I was still surprised by his heroic performance last night.

Make no mistake, Liverpool were the underdogs and the occasion was huge. Yet the Liverpool players played as one and demolished Man City, like no other team has done this season.

They kept going, kept pressing, kept creating chances and kept making challenges and Andy Robertson was a big part of that.

The full-back kept bursting forward when he got the chance, he was defensively sound and was willing to put in a high number of balls into the forward areas. The Scottish international worked in tandem with James Milner and it was a partnership that drove Kyle Walker back and constantly kept him on the back foot. He wasn’t perfect but he didn’t let any wee mistakes impact on his overall game.

One of the greatest things about the left-back is his attitude. He meets these challenges and rises to them  because he has the appetite to work hard and to improve!

Robertson’s performance was hailed on social media by fans and former players alike:

Jurgen Klopp also deserves high praise for taking a punt and buying Robertson. When you think of the best deals of last summer and two of the biggest steals must be Liverpool signing Mo Salah for £36m and Robertson for just £8m. Both are flourishing big time.

I hope to see Andrew Robertson in the semi-finals of the Champions League and for the Scottish star to produce yet another sensational performance.

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  1. Played in such a composed and solid manner that, due to positional changes at corners, he was playing right back for so long that the commentary team thought he had been switched for tactical reason. Great piece on someone who is possibly Liverpool’s unnoticed hero.

    All the focus for Liverpool has been on the loss of Coutinho for £140mil and the purchase of Van Dijk and Salah at £75mil and 36mil. They have all been big and important deals but the fact that we have two full back who both have the majority of their careers in front of them costing 8million combined, TTA being academy, is a huge win for the club. If you couple that with Joe Gomez (20) at 3.5mil we’ve got a glimmering light attached to a defence who have been, rightly, so heavily criticised for being weak and with no options.

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