Fellaini To Arsenal – The Pros & Cons

Earlier in the week, it was being reported that Arsenal are set to meet the representatives of Marouane Fellaini to discuss a potential transfer to the North London club.

The Belgian’s contract with Manchester United runs out on the first of July, meaning any possible deal will be on a free transfer.

What would be the Pros and Cons if Arsenal do indeed decide to sign up the midfielder?


Experience – The thirty year old has over ten years experience playing in the Premier League, for both United and at Everton. ¬†That has seen him clock up more than 100 top flight appearances. Previous boss Arsene Wenger was always keen on going for a younger talent and nurturing them. But they would then often see that young gifted player mature into a top professional and then another team would woo them away from the Emirates and you’d not see them in a Gunners top at their peak. Arsenal clearly now are looking to bring in players ready for this next campaign and not solely interested in building for the future. Fellaini fits the bill, in terms of giving the squad more experience.

Keep The Manager HappyUnai Emery is the new Arsenal manager and he’s known to be a fan of Fellaini, so bringing the Belgian in would be seen as the board listening to their new boss and that they are eager to give him the players that he wants at the club.

Height – One thing Arsenal continually lacked in Wenger’s time towards the end, was enough height in the team. Marouane certainly gives you an added presence and he’s terrific in the air. He wins flick-ons for the forwards and he will be good at defending corners too. In the midfield, the Gunners are pretty small, Felliani would give Emery the option of stopping opponents from easily playing it over the midfield, basically the Belgian could stop a lot of opposition attacks at the source especially against the mid-table sides. Last season, he won around 60% of the aerial duels he was involved in and made on average 2 interceptions per game.

Goals – The international midfielder can be very useful if you are chasing a game and you decide to throw the kitchen sink at the opponent’s penalty area. He’s a terrific goal threat when the right ball is played into the area and he’s also pretty decent at taking chances when the fall to him on the deck. In 417 career outings, the big haired midfielder has struck 63 goals!

Get One Up On Jose Mourinho – The Manchester United boss isn’t well liked at the Emirates and the Arsenal following would love to get one over their nemesis. Jose has often praised Fellaini, during their time together at Old Trafford, and stated he wanted to keep the Belgian. United just couldn’t agree on the terms of any new deal. Signing a player that Mourinho wanted to keep, could be seen as sticking two fingers up at the United boss.


Not Very Exciting – While Fellaini’s arrival might upset Jose and that will cheer the Gunners support up no end, the actual thought of the Belgian in an Arsenal top won’t excite the Emirates faithful. He’s one of those players that does a function for the team but that isn’t creative or joyous to watch.

Concentration Issues – Managers in the past have used Marouane as a defensive midfielder. He’s ok in the tackle and as previously pointed out he can make his build count in the engine room. One constant issue he’s had during his career has been his lapses in concentration. He doesn’t always follow the opponent that he’s meant to be marking and he can give away silly fouls. He’s also been known to lose his cool and pick up too many cards.

Lack Of Pace: Fellaini often looks cumbersome and the ball often gets played around him on the deck. The 81 capped middle-man doesn’t have the required speed to win the ball back in dangerous positions and you’d think Arsenal would want more pace in the bigger games.

Better Players Out There – While Fellaini would arrive on a free, he’ll still take home a large pay packet and that could go to a more athletic and disciplined holding midfielder. It’s hard to see the Belgian battering ram as being anything other than a squad player at a top club. Arsenal probably need to be concentrating on bringing in players that will instantly enhance the starting eleven and I’m not sure Marouane Fellaini fits that mould!

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  1. Arsenal were interested in Marouane Fellaini before he joined Manchester United, and although he is 30 years old now , but he is still a very good player and among Belgium International squad which are very good. As for Arsenal to get him free now will be an excellent opportunity taking into condideration the financial situation at Arsenal is not very good as published (£50million plus another 20. Marouane Fellaini is very good in attacking and defending as a mid-fielder so he can help the current Arsenal squad tremendously .

  2. Get Fellaini if we can, please. He offers a different kind of option, the kind we miss in selling Giroud. Just take another look at our game last May against United and you see what I mean. Fellaini won that game for United when they needed to win it. He’d come in very handy especially when we play against some of these bus-packing, deep-sitting opponents. A good and different replacement for Wilshere imo

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