Football Accumulator Tips For The Weekend

Out of all possible betting markets, accumulators are arguably the most exciting. They offer bigger odds through being made up of five or more selections, and they aren’t entirely impossible to land. Each weekend sees almost every major football league playing out their games. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are packed full of key football fixtures between August and May, where betting offers the most opportunities.

A lot of punters place bets on football and the weekend is the peak time to do it.

Creating accumulator tips from the array of football games being played is a way of taking all of your favoured outcomes and adding them into one bet. The choice for teams you could include in your accumulator tips is extensive with so many potential outcomes to choose from, so we’ve made a list of factors to consider before including specific sides.

Balanced bookie odds

Newcomers to football accumulator betting tend to either go too far with going for big odds – resulting in a mind-blowing bookmaker price but little to no chance of your bet landing – or playing it so safe that the potential returns are extremely minimal. It’s admittedly difficult to get a grasp of the sorts of prices you should include in your own accumulator tips, but it would be advised to have a mixture of different odds.

Regardless of bookmaker odds, the most important thing to consider is how likely a team are to win their next game. You need to keep the odds in mind to assure that you aren’t being unrealistic with the bet you’re making but its chances of winning are crucial. This is something that websites like FootyAccumulators always keep in mind with their own Accumulator Tips. They’re easy to find on a page devoted to football accumulator tips, where they provide their own thoughts on the weekend’s action.

Variety in football leagues

While it’s always best to stick to what you know in betting, there’s a lot to be gained from getting yourself more clued up on other leagues from across the globe. This certainly enhances any accumulator tips you might be making as you have a larger selection of football teams to include in your bet.

Not only that but if you’re looking for an additional selection which boosts your odds, backing a favourite from Italy, Spain, Germany, Italy or France will certainly do the trick. Even the lowly 1/4 prices for a title favourite to win against a poor side can be enough to give you stronger odds, and it’s something a lot of punters do when they’re a couple of teams short

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