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Unbelievably will be celebrating it’s ten year anniversary next year.

Within that time, I (Scott Johnston) and the site have been through a lot. But for the most part I’m extremely proud of the blog’s achievements.

The work on here has been recommended by The Times, STV Sport, BBC 5 Live and by many other worldwide websites. To my knowledge it’s the only website that has had written content, video work and a podcast all placed on The Guardian Sport’s Must Read list. The views keep increasing year on year and it’s even made me a nice bit of money at times.

I continue to do it because I still love football and still enjoy putting my opinions across.

Another thing I’ve been proud of, is that I have always given fellow football writers the chance to express themselves on a topic they love. The My Team & I series was a wonderful success and had contributions from far and wide. Many people that contributed for the blog went onto having extremely successful careers in the media, many covering football.

We’ve had Andrew Gibney, Tom Hall, Mina Rzouki, Sonja Misso, Chris Rann, Scott McClymont, Mohamed Moallim, Craig Cairns, Rupert Fryer, Stefan Bienkowsi, David Bevan, Chris Carra, Stuart Fuller, Kirsten Schlewitz and many more produce great stuff on these pages.

So I believe the best way to enter our tenth year is by once again opening up the website to you, the readers and those that want to write about the wonderful game.

With that in mind I am looking for enthusiastic writers to send me an email if they would like to write for

I want to start a new series covering Players You Loved To Hate. I’d like 500 words on those players that played for a rival club that you hated with a passion but you know you’d love them if they turned out for your club.

I would also love to start a picture blog project. I would want budding photographers to go their local team and select at least three pictures that sums that club up.

If you’re interested the please send me an email to

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