Premier League Betting Ups & Downs


The Premier League might only include English/Welsh clubs, but the sheer popularity of the championship around the world and that it incorporates players from different nationalities makes it among the most enthusiastically watched titles in the game of football. As is the case every season, this year has already had some spectacular gameplay, goals, and of course a few disappointments and surprises along the way.

The passion that the game and the league generate also makes it one of the leading events with bookmakers who bring out a host of betting offers that can be profitable for punters. The competitiveness of the Premier League is so intense that the odds change after every game, but at present, it is Manchester City with 8/11, Liverpool with 11/4, and Chelsea with 11/1 odds who are most favoured to win.


It might have been just another regular game in the Premier League, but for Arsenal, their win against West Ham is essential. To start with this is the first time that the team has won a game under the leadership of Unai Emery and considering the 3-1 score, it shows that the confidence between the new coach and the players is slowly but steadily building. Thisfurther boost of energy in the team is sure to present punters with some exciting betting offers from the bookmakers in the upcoming games.

However, all was not hunky dory for the team as many noticed the absence of Mesut Ozil in the game. While Emery insists that the decision to exclude Ozil was because of his ill health, there are rumours aplenty about the growing tension between the German player and the Spanish coach. For the team though, a win against Cardiff next, with odds at 8/13, is expected and it would be interesting to see where Ozil fits into the picture.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham, over the last few seasons, has come to be known as the team that is almost always there, yet deprived of the title one way or another. With wins over Fulham, Newcastle Utd and Man Utd, they have kicked off the present Premier League season with enthusiasm and are looking sharp on the leaderboard.

However, fortunes can often turn by one wrong decision, and the next match will prove how frazzled the team is due to the World Cup winning French goalkeeper, who is also the captain of Tottenham, Hugo Lloris being charged for drinking and driving and being held for seven hours in custody this past week. The betting offers by bookmakers might see a slight change because of these off the field antics, but in the end, it is what happens on the game day that matters in the end.

Manchester United

The Red Devils are among the most famous football teams ever, and their fans in every part of the world. This not only puts pressure on the club, but each game comes with the knowledge that thousands of hopes are attached to it. With this in mind, there was disappointment all around as Manchester United lost to Brighton 3-2 and then 3-0 to Spurs sending the pundits and bookmakers into an uncertain turmoil.

However, it is not just the betting offers that are going to see a beating in the coming games. Instead, it is the mental state of the players and their relationship with Jose Mourinho that has many to believe and hope that change is evident in the future. Interestingly, the name that keeps popping up for a replacement is that of the legendary Frenchman Zinedine Zidane. But with 13/2 odds to pick up the title, they are still being considered as among the top five to win, so the next few matches are going to be nail-biters for the fans and bettors of the club.

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