Brendan Rodger Would Be Making A Mistake If He Left Celtic For Aston Villa

It has been widely reported that Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers has been included in a managerial shortlist for the current Aston Villa manager’s job and that the Midlands club want to speak to him about the role.

The Celtic gaffer made quite a diplomatic statement when he discussed the recent links after watching his side crush St Johnstone 6-0 in Perth:

“It’s a huge club, it’s a Premier League club, great facilities. I said it before when young John McGinn was going. They have a brilliant support base, a good history.

“But I’m sure they will know who they want to go in there. I’ve got a great job here, a very exciting challenge this season. You can’t rule me out because I’ve never been asked but for me it’s one where I’m really happy here.

“I’m the Celtic manager, I love it and have lots of challenges here.”

Now he doesn’t totally dismiss the notion, he just points to the fact that he doesn’t have an offer on the table to consider. He also points to the fact that Aston Villa are a big club.

The Hoops faithful will be thinking that his comments regarding his happiness at Celtic is a pretty good sign but in fairness he isn’t going to slag off his current job or his current employers.

Now the reason I think the Villa job is even a consideration is the poor summer Celtic had during the last transfer window. Rodgers like previous Hoops bosses became frustrated by the lack of movement early on in the window and they didn’t have a good enough squad to reach this season’s Champions League group stages.

You’ve got to think that the Northern Irishman might feel as though he’s reached a bit of a glass ceiling at Celtic and he might feel that he can’t take the Scottish Premiership champions any further. He’s qualified for the Champions League twice and he’s also secured two domestic trebles in his first two years at the club.

While I can see why Brendan might be thinking about a move away from Celtic Park I don’t think it’s the right time nor is Villa the right move for him.

This season has started very slowly. Celtic are currently sitting in fourth place, having dropped points in three games out of eight in the league. They’ve also had a mixed started to their Europa League campaign.

It would be very odd if Rodgers decides to leave Celtic at the first sign of trouble. I’d expect him to want to turn things around and get his club back to the top spot and if he were to leave Glasgow I would expect it come at the end of a season, unless it was a huge team that were coming in for him.

Going to the English Championship doesn’t seem like the right move. Yes Aston Villa are a big club but they aren’t in a league that I think would interest Rodgers. I also don’t think they’ve got the financial might that would be needed to convince Rogders that they were the right club for him to walk out on Celtic for.

I think it would be an odd choice and a big mistake if Brendan Rodgers were to depart Celtic for Aston Villa.

I think managers need to protect their CVs if they are lucky enough to be in a job and are being offered a new one. That means only move if you are making a step up, you’re getting more money and you have a chance to improve the team you are joining. I think Villa would only offer one out of three of those criteria.

Brendan would be better off getting Celtic back on track and if he is on the lookout for a new gig, then wait for the right Premier League job or a top European club managerial vacancy to become available and take that instead of going to England’s second tier.

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  1. And yet villa are one of the greatest clubs in the world and always will be. Therefore it is a great honour for any manager to be here no matter what situation villa are in. After all it is a manager who must do everything he could to help the club and its supporters. I would not mind it would be brendan rogers. Or someone else.

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