Subbuteo, Slots and Spurs Lingerie: The Strangest Football-Themed Products


We’re a nation that loves the beautiful game. We play football, we watch football and we spend a lot of money on weird and wonderful football-themed products.

Topping the list of wacky football stuff currently on the market is Subbuteo. You may have thought the days of the figure-flicking game were long gone. But this retro table topper is making a comeback, with new editions available to buy both online and on the high street.

And Subbuteo’s not the only football game you can play without working up a sweat. These days, you’ll find plenty of footie slot machines at online casino sites. No doubt one of the strangest slots is Benchwarmer Football Girls. It stars a team of scantily-clad ladies on the reels, who do their best to help you net cash prizes as you play.

Thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre than that?

The madness continues in the official club shops, where you can find some surprising merchandise like shampoos, rubber ducks and dog beds.

Amongst some of the strangest things you can buy in the online Spurs Shop is lingerie. Why not find out what your other half makes of matching bras, knickers and garters sporting the Tottenham Hotspur club crest?

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