Mauricio Pochettino’s Shadow Will Continually Loom Over Solskjaer At Man United

When Jose Mourinho was let go at Manchester United last year it was thought that Mauricio Pochettino would be the big favourite to takeover the Old Trafford hot-seat.

Caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came in and initially did a wonderful job, so much so that the United hierarchy decided to give him the managerial role on a full-time basis.

Not long after Ole was confirmed in the role, United’s wheels started to come off again.

They finished the season in poor form and ended the Premier League campaign in sixth place.

It has been a fairly inconsistent year thus far in the league, United have struggled to put any kind of meaningful run together and they already look set to finish outside the top four.

The United side are once again playing without too much passion, often looking( awkward and clumsy. These poor performances have led many to question if Solskjaer really was the right person for the job.

Last week, Tottenham Hotspur dropped bombshell as they announced that they had sacked Pochettino as their head coach and (ironically) replaced him with former Red Devils gaffer Jose Mourinho (Via The Guardian).

With Poch now on the open market and looking for a new gig, speculation quickly mounted regarding the Argentine manager and the position that Solskjaer currently holds within Old Trafford.

Last week, Ole said he didn’t feel under pressure even with Mauricio now out of work:

“No, it doesn’t bother me at all,”

“I’ve got the best job in the world and if you’re in or out of a job, you want this job, so it doesn’t really matter whatever happens around it.”

Via The Mirror

Even if that were true on the Friday, I doubt Solskjaer will be so relaxed about his role this week.

United dropped two more points on Sunday, drawing 3-3 with Sheffield United (BBC Match Report), in what was another poor display from Man Utd.

That result and performance saw quite a few Red Devils supporters, on social media, calling for Pochettino to takeover at Old Trafford:

The fact is that after the draw this past weekend, United are now in ninth position and nine points away from fourth spot. Had they had the same results and were in the same position under David Moyes or Mourinho then even more United supporters would be calling for the manager’s head.

Solskjaer gets a wee bit more breathing space because of his legendary status as a player for the club. But in reality, the Norwegian isn’t a proven coach in the Premier League. Before taking over at Man United last winter, he had one other stint in England’s top flight and it ended badly for him at Cardiff City as he didn’t last a year there!

With every poor game from here on in, the pressure on Solskjaer is only going to intensify.

Mauricio Pochettino is a manager who has shown at Spurs that he can get the most from his players, who can build a consistent top four side and who will develop youngsters and play British stars too. Those are all qualities that will endear him to United fans who want success now and who are starting to question Ole.

The only way this can change is if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can get the very best from his squad. The longer he can’t and the longer Pochettino is out of a job then the more calls will echo around the Theatre of Dreams demanding Mauricio takes over the helm at Manchester United!

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  1. All Man Utd fans in England, start your revolution now and make a stage protest at next MU home game at OT (Aston Villa). This protest must go on to get Ole solskjaer out from his managerial post by this weekend even the Sunday result with AV is favourably good. If you guys are still thinking about Ole is a legend and you don’t have the heart to protest then you will pay the price for losing a great manager Pochettino, who can still turn the result and he has still time to do that. If you MU fans are still hesitant about your decision to get rid the good for nothing Ole, then you better watch out for a miserable end of the season relegation struggle. It’s all with you guys up there in OT to save your Club.

  2. Arsenal is also looking for a new coach and if we dont act quick we gonna sit with a useless tackless coach ( Ole ) and Arsenal will have Pochettino

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