Praising Marcus Rashford The Footballer and The Person

Marcus Rashford has had quite the year.

The Manchester United and England star has been very vocal in his view that children in poverty shouldn’t go hungry during holiday time away from school.

Now personally, I can’t understand why that would see Marcus criticised yet that’s happened. Even the Conservative Party, UK’s governing political party, have had to use their whips and spin doctors to try and work against him.

During the summer holidays Rashford successfully managed to get a U-Turn from Prime Minister Boris Johnson to provide free meals for the kids that needed it in England. He tried to get the government to do the same for the October and the upcoming Christmas breaks, which was turned down.

Instead of backing down or throwing his toys out of the pram, Rashford worked diligently online to refocus his efforts to create change. There’s now a petition to end child food poverty that has received over one million signatures (Source BBC). He has also posted lots of posts on Twitter telling the stories of local business and councils that will provide meals and packed lunches for kids that need it in certain areas.

His outspoken beliefs regarding charity (in particular ending child food poverty) has seen him receive an MBE in the recent Queen’s honours list.

Now I know that Marcus will have a team of people that will help him with this campaign and help run certain parts of his Twitter campaign but be in no doubt that this is something close to his heart and this isn’t a marketing exercise.

Unfortunately his views haven’t gone unnoticed from cynical or let’s say stupid football fans.

Almost every time Marcus Rashford posts something on Twitter about trying to end child food poverty, he will get responses like ‘concentrate on your football‘.

Now I think his moral stance on ending child food poverty means more than football but even if you think he has to focus on his football, I don’t think we can say he’s let that side down.

Last night Marcus grabbed his first senior career hat-trick with his three Champions League goals against RB Leipzig at Old Trafford. The twenty-two year old now has seven goals in nine United appearances during this campaign. He has also two assists in his five Premier League starts.

That is after his highest scoring season last term!

While United have had a pretty inconsistent start to the 2020-21, I don’t think Rashford has been one of their disappointing performers.

It is sometimes easy to forget that Marcus Rashford is still a young man making his way in the game. It seems like he’s been a United regular for a decade but this is only his fifth season as a first teamer.

I don’t think Man United have has quite as an energetic or direct forward in their ranks since Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United always look more dangerous in the final third whenever Marcus Rashford gets the ball there for his team.

Now Rashford isn’t at that level yet but he is one of the world’s best young talents.

The fact that he is also a champion for those that need his help, innocent children, is a massive bonus and the whole of the UK should be proud of his on and off field achievements!

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