Jim Murphy Interview Part One: The Book

  This is part one of our interview with Jim Murphy MP. In this video we talk about Jim’s book ‘The 10 Football Matches That Changed the World and the One That Didn’t‘. So give it a watch and find out more about the World War One match on Christmas day, the football at Robben […]

Book Review: Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man – The authorised biography by Stephen Sullivan. Back in 2011, I had the great privilege of interviewing Celtic legend Sean Fallon. For those that don’t know Sean was a former player and captain at Celtic. He was also Jock Stein’s assistant during the nine and a row years and was […]

Women In Sport

Here is your chance to read a fantastic new publication that looks at everything to do with women in sport. Please have a read at the online sample issue now HERE. Also find out all you need to know about the new magazine by following it on Twitter… @WiSMagazine .

Book Review: Pitch Invasion

Pitch Invasion – Adidas, Puma and The Making of Modern Sport By Barbara Smit Ok strictly speaking  this book isn’t exclusively a football book but the telling of a family story. That family is the Dassler family. Two brothers grew up, had a company they ran together, before splitting up  & owning their own companies. […]

Book Review: Paul Le Guen: Enigma

Paul Le Guen: Enigma By Graham Spiers This book written by Times journalist Graham Spiers takes us through a year in the life Paul Le Guen will never forget or want to remember! It tells us of the meetings Paul had with Rangers to take over from Alex McLeish, his 1st day, his fascination with […]

Book Review: El Diego

El Diego by Diego Maradona Wonderful, erratic, untruthful & entertaining all words that describe both the man Diego Maradona & the man’s autobiography. He talks about his childhood, his big impact in the footballing world, his disappointment in his exclusion from the World Cup winning Argentine team of 1978, his bitterness at his Barca days, […]

Book Review: Football Fables

Football Fables by Iain Macintosh Now I love football biographies, mainly from players or coaches over the age of 35. Im not interested in 21 year olds starting their careers buying Bentleys and going out with Big Brother contestants. They might be fantastic footballers but have not lived enough of life for me to to […]

Book Review: Arsene Wenger: The Biography

Arsene Wenger: The Biography by Xavier Rivoire Now Wenger has always been a very intriguing character to me. So when it came to choosing a book to take with me in a car trip from Glasgow to Rome and back, I picked ‘Arsene Wenger: The Biography’. By the way I was not driving. It didn’t […]

Book Review: Garrincha

Garrincha by Ruy Castro. Now this book is absolutely fascinating. Garrincha was the George Best of Brazilian football. He was a superstar in the 50s and 6os, winning 50 caps scoring 12 goals. Every time he and Pele played in the same team Brazil never lost. Unfortunately like Best he had a thing for the ladies and was also […]