The FM17 Cup In Glasgow

Last week I filmed the BetBright FM17 Cup for the set pieces. It was a great event and an enjoyable evening. Checkout more about the FM17 Cup on the FM Project’s Facebook page.  

Advice For The Set Pieces Old Firm Challenge

So after Iain Macintosh woefully tried to manage Everton this season in his first Football Manager project of the campaign, the wonderful Set Pieces website have come up with another unique FM17 challenge.  The challenge basically consists of Iain taking over Celtic and doing his best not to balls things up again. But this time he’ll […]

Football Manager: My Obsessive Side

Sensible World of Soccer, Championship Manager, Football Manager and the many pretenders in between I played them all. Hell I even did the play by mail games you’d see at the back of football magazines. In fact as I entered the first year of high school, I used to run my own manager competition. That […]