Hidetoshi Nakata – The Formative Years

The Greater Tokyo region is massive and it has a population greater than 13 million people deep. It’s easy to get lost in such a dense area or to conform to the noisy reality that comes with living in such built up surroundings. But getting lost in the shuffle or conforming to everyday life has […]

Stars Of France 98

I absolutely loved France 98. It has to be one of my favourite World Cups. Every continent seemed to produce a team or a player that caught my eye. Given my continued adoration for the tournament that year, I’ve decided to list some of it’s standout stars. I may have forgotten some of your favourites, […]

My Obsession With Japanese Legend Hidetoshi Nakata

On June 2006, nine years ago this month, Japan’s first true footballing son walked away from the game. The twenty-nine year old had just competed in his third World Cup and had managed to play in all of Japan’s group games, lasting the full ninety minutes on each occasion. In the 0-0 draw with Croatia […]