Luis Suarez Could Be An Ideal Signng If Tottenham Were To Sign Him

It looks like it’s going to be a very busy summer for FC Barcelona. It has been heavily reported that superstar forward Lionel Messi has told the Spanish giant’s hierarchy that he wants to leave before the transfer window shuts (Source BBC Sport). That stunning news has really caught the attention of the world’s media […]

Which Outsiders Will Triumph At World Cup In Russia?

The World Cup is very nearly upon us. The spectacle in Russia is not without controversy, from rigged bidding, to the risk of the over politicisation of the event looming over the finals. But one thing about the World Cup that makes it so great is that once the tournament kicks off, it’s all about […]

The Public Courtship Of Suarez Shames Barca!

It’s funny how some teams like to stoke up the myth that they have more integrity than others or that they work to a higher moral code. When you look beyond the propaganda you usually see that they work with some dark arts as the rest of them. FC Barcelona are one such club. For […]

Silly Suarez!

Last week I hailed Luis Suarez‘s passion and in particular his performance against England. He was fantastic. But if we saw the best of the Uruguayan against England, then against Italy we saw the very worst of the forward. He has once again tried to take a chunk out of a fellow professional by biting […]

Sensational Suarez!

We should have all had money on it really, Luis Suarez was always going to bite England’s backside and score against them. Considering the Uruguayan had only just had keyhole knee surgery just twenty-eight days ago, the striker produced a phenomenal performance. In the build up to the game all focus was on Wayne Rooney […]

Joint Player Of The Month Award? Pass The Sick Bucket!

So for the month of March it was decided we should have joint winners of the ‘Player of the Month’ award in the English Premier League’. Liverpool duo Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez were both deemed worthy of the prize. What old tosh! Why can’t we just have one winner and be done with it. […]

My English Premier League Team Of The Season

This week the PFA sent out forms to their members asking them to nominate other professionals for awards such as player of the year, young player of the year and team of the year. So I thought I’d put my two pennies worth in and let you know who I’d select in my English Premier […]