Why The SFA Hiring Malky Mackay Is A Mistake

Today the SFA confirmed that they were appointing Malky Mackay as their new Performance Director. The decision has left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Let’s get to the elephant in the room straight away. Mackay’s tenure in charge of Cardiff City was cut short when he was sacked in 2013, it soon became […]

The Main Reasons Why Celtic Won’t Hire Malky Mackay

So Malky Mackay has thrown his hat into the ring and declared that he is interested in becoming the next Celtic manager. But let’s not kid anyone on here, I probably have more chance to taking over at Celtic Park than Malky has. Let’s get straight to the point with the huge elephant in the room when […]

Standing Up For Malky Mackay

In my opinion Vincent Tan should never have sacked Malky Mackay. The Malaysian has ploughed vast amounts of cash into Cardiff City football team and as the owner he can do what he wants. But now he really needs to leave the Scottish manager alone. You can tell that Tan is just trying to deflect […]