A Fine Man

Scott & Paddy

At the Man Utd press conference after listening to Sir Alex I had the pleasure to speak to European Cup winner Paddy Crerand.

The former Celtic & Man United star spoke a lot of sense on recent stories, the past & the upcoming game. He believes Rooney never wanted to leave Man Utd & was badly managed in the contract situation. He thinks that the City/United derby is getting just as fierce a rivalry as the Old Firm. He told me a few stories of Jim Baxter, Eusebio & what a great player Di Stefano was.

He asked ‘Where has the talented Scottish players gone?’ making a good point that 40 years ago if you asked anyone to name 6 current Scottish players ¬†they could, yet if you asked that question today Fletcher would be the only answer. He felt Rangers had a chance if they attack Man U but as we now know they didn’t.

So a big thank you to Paddy for talking to me, he was very interesting, nice & sincere.

4 Responses to “A Fine Man”

  1. Looks like some day at at Ibrox mate! Not too sure about you wearing a scarf indoors though – get it sorted!

  2. Haha hey that scarf probably costs more than your wardrobe! Plus I have had a cold for 2 weeks now so I am just looking after myself : )

    Yeah the day was great. Will have more photos up later.

  3. Plus if you’re cold enough to wear a scarf, why the hell are your sleeves rolled up!?

    I’ll bet Mr Crerand was like “who’s this wee gay boy?”

    Haha, just kidding. I’m sure he thought you were a lovely young man.

  4. Well maybe my neck was cold & my arms were hot haha.

    I am sure he did to both of your statements ; )

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