Book Review: Paul Le Guen: Enigma


Paul Le Guen: Enigma By Graham Spiers

This book written by Times journalist Graham Spiers takes us through a year in the life Paul Le Guen will never forget or want to remember!

It tells us of the meetings Paul had with Rangers to take over from Alex McLeish, his 1st day, his fascination with Austria Vienna, his trouble with the players he inherited & his ultimate departure from Ibrox.

The book is well written & easy to follow. It is an ideal travelling companion as it won’t take long to get into or read. It provides insights on how a manager can be undermined by his own players, it tells us of Barry Ferguson’s paranoia that he was not wanted & Murray was still willing to back Le Guen.

For me Graham lets Le Guen off with too much & putting too much blame on the players. It was plain to see that PLG got it all wrong in Glasgow, he was far to ruthless if someone crossed him & he could not spot a good player. Since his Ibrox misery Paul has had unsuccessful times at PSG & Cameroon, where problems with players resurfaced.

I met Graham not that long ago & told him I enjoyed the book & I also told him of my criticisms. He was very gracious & told me how he enjoyed writing it & one day wanted to write about Advocaat’s Ibrox years. I would say to Graham to do so, he writes¬†¬†splendidly & even if the reader doesn’t agree with every statement they happily continue to read on.

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4 Responses to “Book Review: Paul Le Guen: Enigma”

  1. I’m not a Rangers fan but I enjoyed this book. Well written and Spiers wasn’t afraid to challenge Le Guen about his failings. Still hard to believe the appointment didn’t work out but Le Guen clearly underestimated the job as shown by the Austria Vienna fiasco you referred to.

    I also think there were people within Ibrox who didn’t want him to succeed, most notably Ferguson.

  2. As I said Ferguson seemed to think his time was up when Le Guen came in but PLG should have sorted the problem out.

  3. Interesting stuff. It is on my list of books to read.

  4. Yeah their are plenty of really good football books out just now but if you can I would give this one a read.

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