Hope For SKY!

Ok I am not going into the Gray & Keys situation… I think they deserved what they got & will leave it there. People better than me have had their say, so I wont rehash their views. But I will look at how I believe SKY should deal with the aftermath. First off I would […]

My Team & I: Sunderland

By Mike Grady Twitter: @mikegrady87 Website: http://www.michaelgrady.co.uk/ Why Sunderland? I have no idea. In my formative years, I had two sporting influences; my sister’s boyfriend and my cousin. They were both Newcastle United fans. At the time Sunderland were near the bottom of the Endsleigh Divison One while ‘The Entertainers’ were competing at the zenith […]

My Team & I: Shelbourne FC

By Neil Sherwin Twitter: @neilsherwin Website: http://backpagefootball.com/ Why Shelbourne FC? Shelbourne were the local club to where my grandparents lived in Dublin so in 1989 myself and my dad walked to Tolka Park to take in my first ever live game. Unfortunately Shels got absolutely hammered by Dundalk but I was captivated by the whole […]

My Team & I: Ajax Cape Town

By Paul Giess Twitter: @ItsStillAyoba Website: http://ayoba.blog.com/ Why Ajax Cape Town? I have supported Walsall all my life but when I moved to South Africa in 2007 I knew it was going to be hard to keep up with action on the other side of the world. Friends advised me that this was golden opportunity […]

OAP’s = Older Amazing Players!

“This is embarrassing to say but I have cried twice in my life watching a football player; the first one was Roberto (Baggio) and the second was Ryan Giggs”  Quote by Alessandro Del Piero. Ok they may have had mixed fortunes this week but both Ryan Giggs (37) & youngster Alessandro Del Piero (36) have […]

My Team & I: St Mirren

By Paul Barnes Twitter: @paulibarnes Website: http://blogs.spokenword.ac.uk/paulbarnes/ Why St Mirren? Born in Paisley and raised in Renfrewshire, St Mirren are my local club. My father was a big football fan but having originated from Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, he didn’t support any particular side, therefore my Buddie love wasn’t exactly in the genes. My […]

Bored Of Barcelona!

I have just sat & watched Barcelona beat Racing  3-0! Their play was sublime, Messi, Xavi & Iniesta linked up to great effect & they kept the ball as if Racing didn’t even turn up! So with all that in mind why am I so bored at watching Barcelona? Well simple, they make it look […]

My Team & I: Liverpool

By Rob Marrs Twitter: @MarrsioFootball Website: http://leftbackinthechangingroom.blogspot.com Why Liverpool? Certainly not familial or geographical! My mother is from Dumfries and supports Queen of the South and (jaw-droppingly!) Leeds. My Uncle veers towards Hearts and my Papa, on that side, was a football fan but not a supporter of any club (at all levels – my […]

My Team & I: Newcastle United

By Andy Hudson Twitter: @HuddoHudson Website: http://ganninaway.blogspot.com/ Why Newcastle? I was born in 1978. Before my birth my parents went to Newcastle games and I grew up listening to their stories such as the FA Cup Final loss in 1974. My grandfather used to balance myself and my older brother on his knee and sing about […]

My Team & I: Arsenal

by Sian Ranscombe Twitter: @SianyMacalarny Website: http://ibelieveinarsenal.arseblog.com/ Why Arsenal? I’m fortunate enough to come from a family of Arsenal fans, so there was very little chance I’d ever support anyone else. I was born in Yorkshire but my dad insists that had we not moved back to London when I was four months old, we’d […]