Product Review: Tottenham 50 Greatest Players

This season two teams have been more entertaining consistently than the rest in the EPL, Blackpool & Tottenham Hotspur.

This DVD takes us through the 50 greatest players to put on a Spurs shirt. Now I wont spoil it by mentioning where players come & who the greatest was, but it was nice to see footage of so many greats & a must for all true Spurs fans. Each players gets profiled & a former or current player & top top journos like Barry Davies & Brian Glanville.

A few points of interest were watching just how good Glenn Hoddle was, seeing how much affection Chris Hughton has for the club, how hard Dave MacKay was & his fiery argument with Billy Bremner.

Was nice to see the late Ralph Coates being in the list with his famous haircut as well.

So the list is full of world greats, I am not sure the two current squad players deserve to be there but thats for Spurs fans to decide. The opening montage was extremely well produced & gives you shivers down the spine.

As I said it is a must for any Spurs fan but for a lover of football it is a great DVD to appreciate a clubs rich history.

The DVD is available here Tikabooson for £13.99. You should also look at their wide selection for great Football DVDs.

I have dedicated this post to Former Spurs Centre Back Dean Richards who sadly died aged 36 this weekend.

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