Great Gattuso!

Ok so AC Milan took a big step forward to winning the Scudetto by beating a lacklustre Juventus side one nil. Milan looked like they were lacking that killer instinct that would sink the Old Lady when in the 68th minute Captain Rino Gattuso scored his first goal in over three years to capture all three points.

In all honesty his left footed strike was not magical, unlike his goal against England, and really should have been saved by Gigi Buffon. But the celebrations were magnificent as you could tell his team-mates adore him & were so happy for him & the side.

Now in recent weeks Rino has had a lot of stick for his behaviour against Joe Jordan. Well he is an aggressive wee guy, always has been, since the days I used to watch him playing at Ibrox for Rangers as a 19 year old rookie. The best way I could describe Rino at Gers was that on the park he was ‘a passionate headless chicken’ who would run all day & kick everyone. He fell in love with Rangers, met his wife in Scotland & still trains with the Glasgow club during Italy’s winter break. The man we saw head-butt 59 year old Joe Jordan hasn’t changed much he will die for his team & has the same hunger & fire in the belly! Should he have given Joe the Glasgow Kiss? Of course not but Joe was not blameless & is a tough sod too.

Thats the point with Rino he is like a wee yappie dog in the park with big balls that goes after the Rottweiler in the park just to show no fear. He is crazy! I remember going to see a Barcelona Milan friendly at the Camp Nou & he was a sub. The game was peaceful as you would expect from a glamour friendly, then Rino came on for the second half & got himself two yellows inside 25 minutes! The fact was it did not surprise me.

In the Juve game he, like his Rangers days, was running around all over the park harrying the opposition. Their is no doubt his legs are slower, he isn’t as fit & he suffers from injuries more. But if it was between him or Van Bommel, I pick Rino as he is more subtle. If it was between him & Felipe Melo, I pick Rino as he didn’t give up like Melo seemed to. Even with one leg Gattuso would offer you his all.

Yeah he has a bit of a mental streak… Just ask Marcello Lippi who must have ended the World Cup in 2006 not just a winner but also a man scared of his life as every important moment in that tournament for him seemed to end with wim getting physically assaulted by his own player Rino Gattuso!


But for all that fiery side he has fellow players & his managers love him. Lippi wouldn’t let just anyone get away with that behaviour. Gattuso before a Scotland Italy game ran over to the Scottish dugout before the game to embrace his former mentor Walter Smith. Carlo Ancelotti has nothing but praise for him & even last night a gutted Buffon still managed a smile & hug for the man who just sunk his beloved Juve.

He is a generous person off the field & has a charity in his home town of Corigliano Calabro, where he visits at least once a year. He also has his own fish shop bizarrely but this is Gattuso we are talking about.

Now if you would have asked me back when a young Rino Gattuso was plying his trade in Glasgow could I see him play for years in the midfield at the mighty Milan? Win Scudettos? Win Champions League titles? Win a World Cup? I would have laughed & said a seriously doubt it a good player but not that good. But I am so proud he has become such a champion & through being a warrior!

Well done Rino.



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  1. Excellent tribute to a very good player. I can understand why Graeme Souness was angry at him, his behaviour was disgraceful throughout, but calling him a little a dog and suggesting he wasn’t that good a player wasn’t really true.

  2. His job against Spurs looks bad but that was his job. He went a bit ott when they were losing.

    As for Souness he went out to deliberately injure a play & did just that in his Rangers debut as player manager! That will always be worse.

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