Partick Thistle and MacB Happy Families

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to Firhill Stadium as Partick Thistle announced a new six figure sponsorship deal with drinks company macb. As the video above shows both parties Kenny Webster of macb and Partick Thistle’s acting chairman David Beattie were delighted with the new three year deal.

My day started at 7.30am, I got ready and was in a taxi heading for Maryhill by ten past nine. The taxi driver was a Jags fan and was bombarding me with questions like why was I going to Firhill? For a press conference. For what? Announcing a new sponsor. Who do I write for? Myself. Do you get paid? No. He was a really nice guy, so I was in a good mood as I arrived outside the stadium at 9.40.

Five minutes later I met Craig Adey from The Scottish Football Forums. It was great meeting up with Craig although it was his first presser and he made a few rookie mistakes. Like bringing in a bottle of Evian to a macb party, announcing to others that he thought Dundee were favourites for the Division One title next season and by forgetting to turn on his dictaphone until after Partick boss Jackie McNamara had finished answering his opening question. Craig also sported his mothers lovely purple laptop bag… can’t not get on with a guy like that, top man.

During the event I managed to drink three bottles of macb, nothing like enjoying a good freebie. I filmed my interviews using an iPad and it was very easy, I will blog about that later on in the week to help other potential bloggers out if they are interested in a quick easy way to get video content online. My technique is still very new and a lot of the people there were impressed by it, during the interviews with the a macb Ceo and Thistle chairman the flashing was photographers taking photos of me in action!

Both macb & Partick were very friendly hosts and I really enjoyed my time at Firhill. I have been there a few times to see Partick play and I hope new boss McNamara can have a successful term next season as I think the club, their young boss and supportive sponsors deserve it.

I would also like to say a big thank you Wire Media who were the PR firm who took care of all the press today, they made sure everyone got what they wanted and that isn’t always an easy job to do.

3 Responses to “Partick Thistle and MacB Happy Families”

  1. Not so happy now that macb have just gone bust.Leaves Partick with a huge hole in their budgets as their main sponsor won’t be paying the rest of that six figure sum

  2. Yes I have seen that & its terrible news for Thistle.

    I hope Partick can get a new sponsor and quickly.

  3. New sponsor is who despite the name are not a firm of solicitors

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