Football Anecdotes – Walter Smith

Walter Smith is a legend to me and my team. He won countless trophies and seemed to do it all with class and dignity. So when I was working behind the bar during a big event and looked up and seen Mr Smith in his suit at the bar I made sure to keep an eye out on him.

As I was making up a few cocktails, I noticed as Smith is waiting for his drinks and older woman walk up to him. Smith who was Scotland boss at the time was surrounded by people and he took time to speak to as many of them as he could. So he noticed the old lady looking at him as she sips her sherry and Walter says ‘Hello’. That was enough for the lady to start up a conversation. ‘You are Walter Smith’, more of a statement than a question but Smith was gracious and replied that he was.

‘Ah you know my neighbours wee boy then’ the lady continued. ‘Really? Who is that then?’ Smith raised his trademark eyebrows waiting to see what this eccentric woman was going to say next. ‘Oh his name is Kenneth Miller’ she replied. Smith with a grin says ‘ Yes yes I know Kenny.’ at which point his eye catches mine and we share a smile at these bizarre turn of events.

Now the chat didn’t end there, although I think Walter Smith’s table were about to send out a search party. The elderly lady continued ‘Yeah I was speaking to his mother the other day and she said he was currently off his work with illness’. Miller actually had a hamstring injury and Walter said ‘Thats right, I had heard that, well it was lovely meeting you’ as he made a hasty retreat back to his parched group of friends. The old lady downed the rest of her sherry and called me over to refill it before she too disappeared into the crowd.

Now Andrew Gibney’s claim to fame also includes Walter Smith. Andrew from the GibfootballShow used to work in the House of Fraser in Glasgow’s city centre.

Well one day Andrew went off to the toilet and noticed the person standing at the next urinal was none other than Walter Smith. Well ladies it is not good toilet etiquette to have a look at another mans willy in such circumstances but I had to ask ‘So Andrew did you have a wee peek?’.

His reply ‘Let’s just say mine is bigger!’.

7 Responses to “Football Anecdotes – Walter Smith”

  1. You’ve got to have a look haven’t you?

  2. Hahaha if you say Mr Gibney.

  3. The end of the first paragraph makes no sense at all.

  4. Good wee read for my lunch-hour…. though the last comment has caused me to choke on my lunch! 😉

  5. Ah thanks Paul I have amended the last line, should now make sense.

    Haha Lynsey I am sure you found lots of mistakes 😛

  6. that’s quality stuff there. although surely Andrew’s lying tho. a man like smith who has done what he has done in his lifetime, well, I can only assume the man is well-endowed.

  7. Yes Rafa I too believe Andrew is lying!

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