Blog Video: Boot Review

Here is a product review/advert for the Puma King Diego Finale boots. As you can see they look very nice although you have to be fancy to wear white. I hope you enjoy the video and for more videos checkout our new TV channel HERE.

I would like to thank Sports Direct for sending me the Football Boots.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Lucie Oge for setting this up and for her patience.



4 Responses to “Blog Video: Boot Review”

  1. haha! short and sweet, nice video… those boots look good, would you recommend them over others?

  2. I think it all depends on the type of player you are. For me I am a player who likes a pass & control, so I would choose these or Adidas Copa Mundials.

    But say you are a pacey striker, then you might prefer a lighter boot like the Nike Mercurial boots.

    The Pumas are very smart and comfy too. For me comfort is very important for football boots as you dont want to be playing with your mind on blisters.

    Glad you enjoyed the video.

  3. Haha nice one Scott. Love the choice of shirt too.

    Nice wee video. Boots looked good too.

    Shame about your dodgy keeping

  4. Haha the shirt made since considering Diego’s influence.

    Yes my keeping was dodgy.


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