TheFootyBlog Gets BBC Booted!

Before I tell you all about my experience down in Salford and being on the BBC Booted show for Radio Five Live. I should say I deliberately did not have a tribute up on here for Gary Speed. I didn’t know him (Although my first interaction with English football did involve him playing for Leeds […]

Football Anecdotes: A Glasgow Bookie, The Old Firm & The Current Day

So here is part two. This is more dedicated to some Old Firm stories and players. But it includes a near scandal and my grandfathers thoughts on the current game. The picture above was used by Glasgow newspaper The Evening Times, can you spot my dad? Willie Henderson I first met Willie and his silly […]

Football Anecdotes: A Glasgow Bookie and World Superstars

These are stories of an eighty-year-old man and are his actual words. A Glaswegian, retired bookie who started my love for football. This man is George Johnston… My Grandfather who through friendship met some of the biggest names in Football! Here I have given him a few names and asked for a few stories that […]

Why I Blog…

So after the past few weeks it seems like blogging has become a bit of a dirty business and a world of in-fighting. That has led to a few giving up and an even greater number thinking about jacking it in, myself included. So I thought before any decision is made I would explain why […]

My Team & I: Coventry City

By Paul Price Twitter: @Technical_area Website: Why Coventry City? Growing up, I went through the usual childhood behaviour of being something of a glory supporter. Manchester United were my team, although I was never taken to see them play, and then I moved onto Blackburn Rovers. In 1995 I was taken to my first real domestic […]

My Team & I: Dundee Utd

By Blair Grant Website: Twitter: @mightjustget Why Dundee United? I grew up a Kirriemuir, a small town in Angus and everyone there either supported Dundee United or Rangers, or at least it seemed that way in primary school.  None of my family are particularly bothered about football but those who are support Dundee United, […]

TheFootyPod – Football, Formations, Finances & Flowers

So on Episode 15, Brent and myself were joined by two bloggers/writers.. You may have heard of them, Kieron O’Connor (Swiss Ramble) and Michael Cox (Zonal Marking). In this pod we concentrate on formations and finances. Although at the start we do discuss the poppy debate and we look at the world of football writing […]

American Safe Hands!

Look at the American National team and you see the country has come along way in the last two decades. But they have always seemed to produce good high standard goalkeepers and they continue to do so. Question is why are Americans so good between the posts? Well first off the stigma that being the […]

Teams Of The Year So Far

I have decided for a bit of fun to look at the season so far and see who would make my teams of the year at this stage in English Premier League and Serie A. Then I will do it again at the end of the season and see who if anyone still remains there […]

Roman Revolution?

After ten games in Serie A, its still hard to see just where Roma are going to end up. In the summer owner Thomas DiBenedetto and director of football Walter Sabatini started a new project in the Italian capital and brought in a whole host of new faces, shipped out some dead wood and recruited […]