TheFootyPod – Football, Formations, Finances & Flowers

So on Episode 15, Brent and myself were joined by two bloggers/writers.. You may have heard of them, Kieron O’Connor (Swiss Ramble) and Michael Cox (Zonal Marking). In this pod we concentrate on formations and finances. Although at the start we do discuss the poppy debate and we look at the world of football writing and blogging.

We also look at our favourite managers. Be warned this podcast is 1 hour and 23 minutes long but I promise it is extremely interesting and worthwhile.

So enjoy  it online HERE  or on iTunes HERE.

5 Responses to “TheFootyPod – Football, Formations, Finances & Flowers”

  1. […] You can download that podcast here […]

  2. There seems to be a problem with the non-iTunes link which is a shame

  3. There seems to be a problem for those that try and listen when on Chrome. I am sorry but I have no idea why that is.

  4. Thanks for clarification and can confirm that it does work fine outside of Chrome. Good pod, thanks for putting it together 🙂

  5. Thanks very much for listening.

    I wish I knew why Chrome has a problem with the format.

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