Tribute To Celtic Legend Sean Fallon



(1922 -2013)

Sean Fallon

Its a sad day for football as its been announced that Sean Fallon has passed away.

Back in 2011, I was honoured to have the chance to sit down and interview Celtic great Fallon. The man was a true gent; he spent so much time with me that day, answered all my questions and still showed a huge passion for football.

As you can see in the video he would tell me about beating Rangers as a Celtic captain including the 7-1 victory, about the legend that is Jock Stein, about players he scouted and about helping Celtic to their biggest triumph in their history in 1967.

Sean With Cup

In fact he was the second man after Billy McNeill to lift the European cup.

He was still very much in love with Celtic and their support. Although he did tell me that he had stopped going to Parkhead as much as he did as he’d get a ‘hole in the shoulder’ as fans would tap him on the shoulder asking him his thoughts on the game. So much so that he could never really concentrate on the match in progress.

Its true testament to the man that he’d always answer the fans questions. He said to me, thats what all the success was about, the fans. He wanted results that made the fans smile and happy to go to work on a Monday.

Talking about Jock Stein, you could tell he held him in high regard and was honoured to have assisted the great man. He was also very complimentary to Sir Alex Ferguson who would stay in touch with Sean and invited him to many of dinners that celebrated Fergie’s achievements or Birthdays. So I know Sir ALex will be saddened by todays news.

I would also like to pass on my sympathy’s to Sean’s family, especially to his wife Myra who served up a fine lunch the day we were at their house for the filming. She too is a wonderful person.


I can’t stress how much I loved my day with Sean and his family at their home. They were so welcoming and warm to me that day. I learned so much from that interview and its easily the best I have done.

Sean would represent Ireland and manage Dumbarton (where he tried to sign Johan Cruyff). But he will forever be linked with Celtic, his true love in football.

Meeting Sean was all down to my grandfather who was friends with Mr Fallon and his wife. Today is my grandpa’s birthday and we will celebrate that tonight, although it will be tinged with sadness after such a sad loss.

Good luck Sean!

3 Responses to “Tribute To Celtic Legend Sean Fallon”

  1. Hi There,

    Great article on a great Celt!

    I am very pleased to the picture showing the dressing room in Lisbon in 1967.

    There are not many images of Sean with the European Cup.

    I personally gave this to Sean as a thank you for signing my copy of the picture.

    It was a great privilege to be in the company of a true gent who will be sadly missed by the ‘Celtic Family’.

    Eddy Grady

  2. Thanks Eddy,

    As you say there aren’t many images of Sean with the trophy so I know he & his family cherished that picture.

    As you say he will be sadly missed.

  3. Had the honour and privilege of meeting Mr.Fallon twice….
    Lovely man…..absolute gentleman….
    And a credit to Glasgow Celtic Football Club.
    RIP Sir…

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