Zoopla Gain Ultimate WBA Exposure Due To Anelka Controversy


Let me start off by saying I will not go into any detail about the ‘Quenelle’. I don’t have a great idea about its origins or its meaning. I will let The FA  judge that and whether Nicolas Anelka meant any offence by recreating the gesture.

Also may I point out for all those newspapers demanding hard punishment on the Frenchman, you lose a bit of your argument when you constantly publish pictures of the gesture. You claim to know it is offensive, so stop ramming the image down our throats. We all saw it the day after. We don’t need to see it now. By all means continue to fight for justice, just do it without the images.

Now I will get down to the main point of this article.

Zoopla, the sponsors of West Bromwich Albion, have decided to announce that they wont renew the lucrative sponsorship deal when it expires this summer.

It comes on the back of the Anelka gesture. The Zoopla statement says as much…

“Zoopla has been reviewing its position over the past few weeks in light of the actions of striker, Nicolas Anelka, during the match against West Ham over the Christmas period and has decided to focus its attention on other marketing activities after this season.”

Now I am sure that this was a well thought out decision and that the gesture was deemed offensive by the property company’s owners.

But isn’t it a bit ironic that they have managed to use this bad PR gesture to their own benefit and gained more attention/exposure from it than they would have at any time during their deal with WBA?

Lets face it, they will get more column inches from this than they would from signing a new two year deal worth £3m.

To announce it just before a West Brom match that’s live on TV is a wee bit suspect. People will tune in find out the news from SKY and then notice the Zoopla name emblazoned on the WBA shirts. Ironically for the next day or two Anelka will be seen as an unofficial Zoopla mascot as any mention of the company in the press will be accompanied by a photograph of the Frenchman (probably doing that gesture).

So in all reality Zoopla have spun the story in a way that sees the company get the most exposure from their £3m deal and it saves them from renewing that contract as they know they wont get better coverage than this.

I suppose they do say ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’.

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