Barry Ferguson – The Potential Manager


Blackpool have dismissed manager Paul Ince. The Tangerines chairman Karl Oyston has asked veteran captain Barry Ferguson to takeover training.

Many have speculated that Ferguson may get the job in a temporary capacity and will then be judged on the results he gets with the current squad. Should he be successful then he could then be offered the job on a full time basis.

Would Barry Ferguson succeed as a manager?

Obviously no one knows for sure and only time will tell. Its funny to think I saw him make his debut as a footballer back in 1997 and that now he is a veteran ready to take that first step into management.

He always looked like a very good player. Very composed on the ball, rarely rushed and very intelligent with possession.

Barry was a leader on the park. By the age of twenty-two Fergie was named Rangers captain and by twenty-six he was also his national teams skipper. He consistently liked being in control of his side. His voice was often the loudest on the pitch. Some would say at times during Alex McLeish’s spell in charge of Rangers that Ferguson was his player coach on the field.

So when you look at that, you can see why he might have a passion for coaching and management.

He already holds his ‘A license’ and is working on getting through his ‘UEFA Pro License’. He is dedicated in becoming a boss. He states as much in this interview with ‘The Daily Record‘.

This quote in particular shows the hunger of the man…

“I want to be a manager. I want the pressure. I need it. I’ve had pressure since I was 17.”

So a very determined, smart and dedicated footballer wants to become a manager. He is also a born winner. Surely he will be great?

Well lets not jump the gun.

Ferguson has never been too far away from controversy. He was stripped of the Rangers captaincy twice and was basically sacked by the SFA at the age of 31 and would never play for his country again.

Paul Le Guen was appointed Rangers manager in the summer of 2006. He would depart inside seven months, after stripping Ferguson of the captaincy and putting the star up for sale. He saw Ferguson as a dark force at Murray Park that was constantly working against him and never listening to the Frenchman’s instructions. Had Le Guen had the heart for the battle, then Ferguson wouldn’t have lasted much longer at Ibrox.

Even though he’s a talented player his flaws as a player make me wonder about his credentials as a gaffer.

As I said he was/is a loud voice on the park, continuously moaning. Seriously buy the fourth officials headache tablets now, Fergie will be in their ears from kick-off till the full time whistle.

He would lead by example on the park but his moaning wouldn’t stop at officials. He was also capable at screaming in his own teammates faces. Hamed Namouchi, Alan Hutton and Charlie Adam would often grimace as their captain let them have it on the park. Namouchi and Adam never really got going at Rangers and a lot of that was down to Ferguson’s presence, in my opinion.

As a player he was often the perfectionist. Much like Roy Keane at Man United, he demanded the best from those around him. But like Keane, he has to understand that he can’t be the same as a manager. He has to be more understanding and let things happen that aren’t in his control.

He will have to look at Roy Keane’s career so far and see the possible hazards that may hinder his own coaching career.

Has Ferguson matured enough as a person to take the top job?

I hope so but I need to be convinced. A club like Blackpool would be a great starting point but only if he has truly learned from his past mistakes.

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  1. Great article. Some very valid points. Barry was a fantastic player for Rangers but as you say, could be a bit volatile in nature. I, for one, wish him all the best in his managerial career. Good luck Bazza! We will watch on with great interest.

  2. Till the end of the season will be long enough! he will have went in the huff a few times by then! and possibly another ex employer could take him on!

  3. Barry good luck wee man.Ibrox is waiting if you are good enough.

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