Why The Spectre Of Ferguson Isn’t An Issue At Man United


For years we wondered what would happen to Manchester United if/when Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire. Now that

It was always going to take time for things to settle down, it looks like it needs Fergie time. I have said in previous posts that Fergie has to accept some of the blame for the current circumstances that United now find themselves in.

He didn’t leave his successor, David Moyes, with greatest of squads (Yes I know the same squad won the league last season). It needed an overhaul.

But to suggest Ferguson’s mere presence is enough to have a negative impact on the squad is ridiculous.

As is the assumption that by continuously  turning up at Man Utd games he just piles added pressure on the current incumbent of the mangers chair at Old Trafford.

Have the players suddenly turned to jelly when they get a glimpse of the man they called ‘boss’ for so long? I doubt they even know which games the Glaswegian turns up for.

If certain players react badly at Sir Alex turning up, then lets face it they have no business being there.

As for adding to Moyes’ woes, I just don’t buy that one either. David wont have a better resource at his disposal. He can seek advice when its required.

Why have people been talking about this myth?

Simple, the team aren’t dominating the EPL like they did under Fergie and the media always seem intent on showing Sir Alex in the crowd every time things go wrong for United.

As an audience we are now associating Fergie with all these problems just because the press show his face every 15 minutes. Some will then say well he shouldn’t turn up for games.

Ok so lets tell an OAP he can’t go to the football and watch the side that he was in charge of for the past 27 years of his life. That is just crazy talk.

Also it only works in theory. Because any time United have disappointed and Sir Alex hasn’t been there, the press still managed to find pictures of him relaxing at the beach or in New York.

Plus lets not forget he’s a director at the club.

United have had quite a few problems this campaign. Like the squad not being good enough, the new management taking time adjust, injuries and not buying new players to improve the team.

One of the problems isn’t a 72 year old man taking his seat, eating a prawn sandwich and watching football from the stands!

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