Why Vidic Going Suits All Parties


Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic has announced he will be leaving the club in the summer.

People have been quick to jump to conclusions, stating that the United players were all looking to jump out of a sinking ship.

Now if it was Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie, David de Gea or Michael Carrick, then yes I can see why some people would be looking at those possible departures as being a huge news story.

But Vidic is 32. He has been at Old Trafford for eight years!

For the player it would make sense to leave now. Elsewhere on the continent the Serb could expect to pick up around £4m a year in wages. Unlike United, other sides in Europe will probably also offer the centre-back a two year deal. Those two factors will be high on Vidic’s thoughts as he secures his last big payday.

A move away from Manchester will probably reinvigorate the defender, who has become a bit stale at United.

For the club the departure also makes sense.

He is no longer the formidable force he once was. Man United don’t want to offer huge/long contracts to players over the age of thirty. Especially players who have suffered with serious knee injuries in their recent past.

In  the last two seasons Vidic only featured in 25 league games. He struggles to preform in two games in a week. That can’t suit a side like Manchester United.

Listen Nemanja Vidic in 2010-11 was a world class centre half, had he made this decision then it would be a totally different scenario.

But he is no longer that player. He is a spent force at Old Trafford. Don’t get me wrong he might be fantastic in Italy, Russia, Turkey or wherever he ends up at next. The change of scenery will probably help him.

He isn’t leaving just because United are no longer dominating English football. He simply wants to look after himself in terms of his bank balance and his football.

He should be applauded for making the decision and saving David Moyes the flak of being the manager that dumped the club’s captain.

The team needs an overhaul and some players like Vidic have to step away to create a brighter future for the club.

United will only miss Nemanja Vidic if they don’t replace him properly.

More stars will follow Vidic out of the door but most will do so with Moyes’ say so. The Scots boss needs to make sure his new recruits are capable of challenging for the league title because if they aren’t he too will be shown the door!

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  1. The first one to go should be Moyes! A bumbling idiot in deep way over his head.After that, Smalling, Jones, Evans, Cleverley, Young, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Raphael.
    De Gea, Fletcher, Valencia iffy, but keep Rooney, Van Persie, Janujaz, Mata and Kagawa.
    There you go then.

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