Why I Love Football


Today is quite a big day. Today I turn thirty!

To celebrate I thought I’d let you know why I love football so much

A Goal:

A goal in football is always beautiful in my opinion. Obviously some are better than others, some are more aesthetically pleasing and some are more important.

But every goal should still create happiness.

When I was five, if I scored a goal off of my knee or my backside it still meant a lot to me. I felt that I had managed to do the best thing ever! If a striker scores his seventeenth goal of the season in a 3-1 defeat, then that might not be the great for him but who knows their could be a young child in the crowd that is his biggest fan and that is that child’s first game. I bet you that young kid would go home happier for seeing that consolation strike.

Not much in this earth can get overweight grown adults off their sofas dancing for joy but a priceless goal like James McFadden’s against France can do that. I can’t think of many occasions I have lost my senses and jumped on the shoulders of strangers and started hugging them and their pals but I did that after Rangers scored a last minute winner against Celtic at Ibrox.

The joy of scoring or seeing a goal is for me the greatest gift football has to offer.

The World Cup:

People all around the world tune in for the greatest show on earth. The World Cup!

It brings nations together as we all watch to see who has the greatest team on the planet. Even if your country doesn’t take part its still amazing to watch the games and get caught up on all the excitement.

Italia 90, USA 94 and France 98 were amazing and helped define my footballing life. I am hoping Brazil 2014 doesn’t disappoint!

Family Ties:

Without my brother and my grandfather I wouldn’t have the love I do for football.

My brother fundamentally taught me the basics of playing and would get me to watch Italia 90. He also got me interested in footballing kits. As his interest in the game disappeared my passion grew and grew. But without him at the start I doubt I would have been hooked as early as I was.

My grandpa always debates with me about the game. Its great fun. His stories about Willie Henderson, Frenc Puskas and Eusebio always had me captivated at the dining room table, in fact they still do! It was my grandfather that bought me my first strip and I am always thankful he passed on his passion for the sport.

My dad may have hated football but he still took me to my first game. Plus my mum took me to games in Spain, now that is what you call a great mum.

I think its great that football can bring a family closer together.

The Atmosphere:

It’s amazing going to games. The songs are usually very catchy and probably rude. The fact it can bring 10 or 90,000 people together at the same place is outstanding.

I have been lucky to go to various countries in Europe and sample their footballing traditions. Each atmosphere is different and it makes you appreciate all of our differences.

My favourite destination? The Bernabeu in Madrid. It was a fantastic day and game. That I will remember forever.

 The Fact its changes yet never changes:

Ok let me try and explain this.?

A lot of changes happen throughout out the years. Managers, owners and players come and go. The rules even change from time to time. In fact look at Cardiff City, they have had to put up with a change of colour in the home kits!

But while all that changes other aspects just never differ. Like the fact we can all still be astounded by a piece of skill or a great save or goal. We all as a nation can debate a players attitude, his style of play or whether or not the player is a real bad piece of work.

Its ability to bring people together and start conversations, sometimes arguments doesn’t go away.

I am happy to reach thirty and still have the same passion I did when I was a young boy. I know no matter what happens in life I have the constant of football that will always be in my heart!

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  1. Happy birthday buddy!

    Great little article and so true. Ye cannae wack a gid gemma fitty.

  2. Cheers mate.

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