Is It Time For Team GB?


I decided that I wouldn’t use this blog in the lead up to the referendum as a tool to offer my opinion on Scottish independence. Simply because it had nothing to do with football (despite what certain Old Firm fans would have you believe).

Now we have an answer and 55% of the Scottish population have decided it’s better to remain part of the union. With that, some have suggested that the SFA should disband, that we shouldn’t have Flower of Scotland as our anthem and that the British leagues should come together as one!

We have to remember these are knee-jerk reactions from people who are in shock and/or are extremely disappointed with the result.

But it got me thinking; are these suggestions totally ridiculous?

Obviously they hold some merit. A Team GB or should that be Team UK? Would mean that the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish fans would see more time in the major competitions (even if it was just for the group stages!). It could also lead to more money going to all the regions of the UK at a grass-roots level.

In terms of the league situation, well the biggest victors in that would be Celtic. That would be extremely ironic considering that the Celtic support were vastly in favour of independence. But the lure of cash on offer in the English Premier League is seen as an ultimate goal by some at Parkhead. Other Scottish sides would benefit from the money that would be available to them in the football league.

As for the national anthem, well I like ‘Flower of Scotland’ but many don’t. It’s just a song and I wouldn’t be adverse to change.

But here’s the thing. Football goes beyond politics. Scotland still has its own identity and that should not alter. As far as I’m concerned nothing has changed in terms of our football allegiances. Plus with the main political parties are talking about more devolved powers for all the countries in the UK, it would actually make more sense to keep our own footballing identities rather than bond as one.

A lot of the smaller Scottish sides with a rich tradition could go to the wall as they languish in the non-league format without much hope of investment and competition plus added expense of long distance travelling.

Yes we haven’t been to a major championship since 1998! But do you know what? Even though I am desperately waiting to see the ‘Tartan Army’ engulf a major competition for so long, it will feel even more special when we eventually do qualify on our own merit.

No matter what, I will always be a proud Scot and will continue to support my country!


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