Can Blind Really Be The New Keane At Man Utd?


Quite a bit has been mentioned about Roy Keane in the past week. One story hasn’t actually came from the Irishman himself. A few pundits and fans have insinuated that Manchester United new-boy Daley Blind could be the new or next Roy Keane.

Now I hate such comparisons. I always prefer letting players speak for themselves with their football on the pitch. I don’t think its productive to compare a new signing with a club legend, its hard enough to settle in at a new club without that excess baggage.

I also think its far too early to tell how good Blind will be at Old Trafford. When you look at him, you don’t see the combative, aggressive player that Keane was. But Keane established himself over twelve years.

Daley has came out and dismissed the comparisons saying “Let’s not go overboard.”

But there could be a major attribute that both could share, that might explain more of a likeness in the future.

It actually has very little to do with football, although both were/are the defensive lynchpins that hold together the United midfield.

I see more likeness in their roles given to them from their managers. I think both are the generals for the team, seen as the players that the managers rely on to get their point across to the rest of the team on the pitch. Leaders effectively.

Now obviously Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson have fallen out big time, since his departure from Man Utd in 2005. Each have had pot-shots at each other in their own autobiographies, but make no mistake both gentleman needed the other to gain the success they had together. Keane was Fergie’s general in the dressing room as well as on the pitch. During the good times, Ferguson wouldn’t have had a bigger confidant than Roy. The two worked in tandem and they trusted each other, they had too if United were to succeed. If the players needed to be told something on the pitch, the message would have came from Keane via Ferguson.

Daley Blind might have that responsibility under Louis van Gaal. The manager knows Blind and his qualities, he will trust him more than most. The player is also used to the Van Gaal philosophy and can get that across to his new teammates. Although I certainly don’t think he’ll do it in the same forceful manner as Roy did.

As people point to the similarities it’s also important to show the differences, as it’s a way to show that they are different players. Looking at Daley, he seems better on the ball and making passes forward. While Roy was more no nonsense in his tackling and shouting at everyone around him.

Ferguson has came out and compared  Blind to a younger Darren Fletcher. Now they do have a few similarities in their style of play but the Fergie’s comment also has a bit of spin to it. One, it is obviously less burden on the new young recruit as Fletcher isn’t a club legend like Keane. Two, it also has the added bonus of being a bit of a dig at Roy.

Overall, I still think it’s wrong to compare players but I can see why people can see a bit of Roy in Daley. Mainly due to their roles in the team rather than their style. It’s great that the new £14m man just dismisses it all and remains grounded because it will be extremely important for him to settle in and protect the defence.

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