Gattuso Link With Rangers Job Makes No Sense


As Rangers announced to the stock exchange that manager Ally McCoist has indeed resigned, that he was serving his twelve month notice period and that the club were looking for an ‘amicable solution’, reports surfaced linking the club with replacements.

One man was mentioned more than once and that was Rino Gattuso.

Now before Rino won many titles with AC Milan and had secured legendary international status by helping the Azzurri clinch the World Cup in 2006, he played at Ibrox as a teenager. He spent just over a year in Glasgow and the supporters took him to their hearts.

He has a great playing pedigree and has a history with the club. That has to be a winning combination for a manager right?


This potential appointment just doesn’t make any sense at all.

At thirty-six, Gennaro is already onto his third managerial job in just under two years. At Sion, Palermo and OFI Crete he has had difficult clubs and he hasn’t really covered himself in any glory. Going to Rangers would be a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Also why would he join Rangers at this time? He would be replacing his old teammate and pal, Ally McCoist. His biggest Scottish footballing mentor is Walter Smith and there is no way Walter would recommend that job at this time!

Plus Gattuso cannot be described as a puppet. In my view, the current Rangers board wouldn’t want a temperamental manager that they couldn’t control. They also would probably prefer to go with someone that doesn’t have a huge affinity with the fans. McCoist has more power because he had the fans backing as he will always be a legend in their eyes. Mike Ashley (who has a big say at Ibrox) also learned that lesson when he hired Kevin Keegan at Newcastle, Mike hasn’t really recovered from that episode/feud with Keegan.

Another factor we have to remember is that if Gers were to go after Gennaro Gattuso, then they’d have to deal with OFI Crete and that could mean compensation. At the moment it looks like Rangers can only stay in business due to loans, so moving for a manager currently working would probably be a non-starter.

For all I loved Gattuso the player, I am far from convinced about him as a manager. A bit like Roy Keane, I think he struggles to deal with footballers who don’t have the same passion and desire he does for the game.

For an example of a fan favourite who couldn’t make the transition into management you just have to look at McCoist. Gattuso could be in a similar situation.

In the Scotsman’s report they also suggest that Steve Clarke’s name as a possible candidate. He could be a better choice for all concerned.


Because he doesn’t have the club links. I think the next manager of Rangers, should have little to no links to the club. Pressure would then not be as high and the manager himself wouldn’t then let emotion cloud his judgement. He would also be solely concentrating on the on-field activities. Plus as I’ve mentioned earlier, a gaffer currently unemployed would be the ideal scenario for the current Rangers business model.

The club also need to secure long-term proper financial investment. Once that’s in place a new scouting team needs to be put in place or the club will continue to under perform.

For whomever takes over next at Rangers, they will need to walk a fine line in keeping two factions happy; the board and the fans. The club is severely fractured and the managers job could be an extremely volatile position that can make or break any potential candidate.

For Rangers to be at their best both on and off the park then the fans and owners need to come together and sing from the same hymn sheet. At the moment I just can’t see that with this regime as trust is non existent.

Really can any manager work in those circumstances? I doubt it!

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