Rangers Squad Needs Dumped On Valentines Day!


Not in my life have I seen as poor a Rangers team as I have this season!

Having watched their last three games you can only come to the conclusion that most of this squad need to be offloaded come the summer.

In every big encounter this term, the players have been found wanting. They don’t have any desire, fight, or skill.

Now I take on board (pardon the pun) that the current boardroom saga is a distraction. I also appreciate that they have no leaders off the park and that a new management regime need to come in and instil new ideas on the park as well as the training ground.

The whole club is void of any enthusiasm with fan morale at its lowest ebb.

But these excuses have no bearing on the players simply downing tools. They get paid to play football, entertain and provide points for the club. At the moment they aren’t succeeding on any level.

Players such as Lee McCulloch, Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd have seen better days at Ibrox but now need to move aside and let younger, hungrier players step up and prove their worth.

Kyle Hutton, Bilel Mohsni, Stevie Smith, Marius Zaliukas, Ian Black, Dean Shiels, Seb Faure and Richard ForsterĀ are all extremely ordinary footballers. They seem to be unable to handle the demands of the Championship.

At Ibrox, supporters are used to watching great goalkeepers but Steve Simonsen and Lee Robinson don’t fit that bill. They have nothing that suggests they are goalkeepers of decent standing. Gone are the days that you’d see Andy Goram and Antti Niemi vying for the number one jersey or Stefan Klos up against Lionel Charbonnier or Allan McGregor keeping Neil Alexander at bay.

Now why on earth have Rangers not produced more young talent at Murray Park or bloodied them into the first team?

Rangers have been at their best this campaign when Lewis Macleod was in the side. The twenty year old midfield man was instrumental in anything that was good at Rangers until he was sold to Brentford in the opening day of the transfer window. Surely other youngsters can use Macleod as the example and play with no fear and push Rangers on.

In the past few seasons Barrie McKay, Robbie Crawford, Fraser Aird and Calum Gallagher have all popped up and been labelled the next big thing, yet none have really seen their Gers career take off. Injuries have played their part but then so have loans and managers not showing enough trust in the boys. Andy Murdoch could be the next one.

Just look at what Hearts have done this term. They have given the baton to the young kids in their pool and those players have grasped the chance and now the ‘Jambos’ are flying high at the top of the league. The capital side also have a sensible board and strong management set-up that has a mixture of youth and experience.

Hibs also look a much better outfit than Rangers at this moment with Scott Allan being a particular smart buy. Coach Alan Stubbs is now seeing his side playing better football and pick up points more often than not.

For me, Rangers really need a clear-out both in the boardroom and on the park.

I would keep a few of the current crop but not a lot.

A fully fit Cammy Bell can still be a very good goalie for Rangers.

Darren McGregor has the potential to be a John Brown type player. One that can come in and out of the team and do a job. Useful to have around.

I know David Templeton splits opinion but he needs to be told to go out and enjoy his game and then be given a run in the side. Rangers need to be more attacking and creative, especially in the wide areas and Templeton could be key to that as long as he gets the freedom to do so and stays fit! Yes he can be inconsistent as can most wingers and like most David will play better with someone showing confidence in his talents.

Nicky Clark has shown already that he can score in a Gers strip and doesn’t moan when he gets dropped. A useful player to keep in my opinion.

The experience of Jon Daly could be useful but not vital. Lee Wallace might be best served personally to leave as his game seems to be slipping but if he can turn things around and wants to stay then he could be the new captain.

Nicky Law is possibly the best ‘Gers’ performer at the moment and can drive the team forward. Would suit a free more attacking style.

When you look at the five loanees from Newcastle United, these players are young and should help the cause if the current squad integrate them into the pool. But it could easily go wrong if they get pulled down with the rest of them.

The Rangers youth stars need to be given game time now! The fans can get behind players that they can identify with and a style that is exciting to watch.

At the moment all the Rangers faithful are getting is a board that doesn’t listen to them, a management team that cannot cope and players that can’t show any desire!

4 Responses to “Rangers Squad Needs Dumped On Valentines Day!”

  1. Apparently Celtic are lining up a move for young Murdoch , the club see him as a perfect long term replacement for Hoopy the huddle hound , who is getting a bit past it .
    I think hes certainly worth a punt for the parkhead team.

  2. james forrest will be very disappointed as he was told he was to be the new hoopy hound I suppose he could always appeal to the rspca to get the decision overturned

  3. What a sorry state. A group of players more than capable, a limp interim manager (he should never ever be recognised as a Rangers manager. The man should do the honourable thing and walk away, he’s already had loads of money from the club still he shows no self respect.
    The current board will eventually be emptied, but again, treating the fans in the manner that continue to employ is nothing short is competious. Again, not what we do at Glasgow Rangers!
    If this board are truly Rangers men my opinion is that the Easdales are (and while many people contrive to portray them as not the sharpest tools in the box, step back, how many of u guys r multi millionaires.
    When you stand back and look at the amount of money being sloshed about by the several contenders for the throne, if u all were truly Loyal Rangers Supporters then you should be able to work together for the the good of the club. At the moment, too many egos are trying to fr satisfied with Rangers almost being secondary to the issues.
    United we stand, divided we fall, & were in free fall at the moment!

  4. Nicky Law is a capable player, but far too often this season he goes hiding. The goal stats may suggest otherwise, but I often see him purposefully move to a position on the park that takes him out of the game. It is particularly noticeable at throw ins and when the ball is out wide. Now I am not a professional, so he may be able to tell me that he is drawing a marker away from play, but I see it as hiding. A central midfielder should be screaming for the ball through their belief that they can dictate play better than the player with the ball. I am not a massive fan of Ian Black, but at least he is constantly seeking out the ball.

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