Why Everton Should Take A Closer Look At Klose


Some people just seem to openly defy age. German legend Miroslav Klose seems to be one of those.

Last summer in Brazil was viewed as his swan song, he captured the World Cup with Germany and also cemented his place in the history books by breaking the all-time scoring record with his sixteenth World Cup goal.

But the thirty-six year old striker hasn’t given up just yet. This season for Lazio he’s notched up thirteen goals in thirty-three appearances (twenty starts). That’s helped I Biancocelesti into second spot in Serie A (Klose has ten league goals) and also into the Coppa Italia final.

In actual fact, the veteran hitman is his clubs top-scorer this season.

Klose is smart and has kept himself fit in his later years. He constantly finds himself in the right positions at the right times, that doesn’t just come with age. You need the brains to keep regularly scoring when you are in your mid-thirties.

An absolute genius with headers in the box, seven out of his sixteen World Cup goals came with his head (all 16 were inside the box). He’s a big, strong striker and he uses those attributes to bully defenders and make some room for himself in the penalty area. Klose is also superb at following up chances and will get goals from deflections off of defenders or goalkeeper’s spilling shots.

People in the know in football appreciate his talents…

Jurgen Klinsmann stated Miroslav was ‘an exceptional talent‘ and also said ‘he can step up and make a difference‘.

Current German boss Joachim Loew, who guided to his country to the World Cup last summer also loves the big forward…

“Klose’s secrets are his professionalism and his head. His great strength is his determination to keep up this standard and not relax.”

Former Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes said of Klose “He is a great player and a great guy”.

As you may have seen in those quotes, Klose is well respected for his endeavour and sense of fairness as well as his footballing ability.

When breaking the records of Gerd Muller and Ronaldo, Klose took time out to praise both of the goalscoring heroes. That sign of humility isn’t often seen in modern day football.

In Germany he refused to take a penalty after he felt it was awarded to his team unfairly. Then for Lazio in 2012, he told the referee that he handled the ball into the net and that goal was then overturned. Those two incidents show that the forward is a true gent and one of a kind.

These sort of traits and the fact that he can still keep scoring at this stage of his career must make him an attractive option for a side like Everton.

The English Premier League club are currently a bit short of frontline personnel.

Klose would take the heat off Romelu Lukaku if he were to arrive at Goodison in the summer.

The veteran striker would also offer invaluable experience to the younger strikers at Goodison. Lukaku, for instance, could learn so much from Klose in terms of heading and positioning inside the box too. Plus lets not forget that the international has 137 caps and 71 goals!

It would be a great way for the German to get a year in the EPL and have the likes of Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman on either wing firing ammunition into the box for the tall striker to get on the end of.

I know it didn’t really work to plan for Roberto Martinez with veteran Samuel Eto’o at the club but I think Klose could actually offer more and do so without the huge ego.

Maybe the opportunity might have come around too late in the day for Klose. He has been slightly frustrated at Lazio this term due to his lack of minutes on the pitch and maybe the Toffees can’t offer him anymore next season. Maybe a chance in the States or in Brazil might give the German more playing time.

I just think that Everton should at least sound out the World Cup’s most prolific goalscorer and see if they can come to an arrangement and see if they can get a season out of Miroslav Klose.

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