Pellegrini Is Foolish For Calling Chelsea A Small Team


‘When we play against Chelsea I say the impression is we play against a small team with very good players,’

‘Every person is different. For me, a big team which has possession of the ball must try to score more goals, must try always to win. It is different ways of thinking.’

I really can’t see what point Manuel Pellegrini is trying to make here.

The Chilean coach has obviously taken issue with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho spouting his views about Manchester City escaping a points deduction after failing to adhere to the Financial Fair Play rules.

Now obviously Mourinho had no reason to air his views. Typically the Portuguese coach has stuck his nose in to another teams matters, just to be mischievous and to gain a reaction.

That’s exactly what Pellegrini has given his Chelsea counterpart, a reaction and a foolish one at that!

Now instead of telling Jose to mind his own business or better still, just ignoring Mourinho all together, Pellegrini has opened himself up to ridicule.

This idea that goals and possession mean more than points is nonsense. You need to have the best balance in your squad to become champions and Chelsea have proven that this term. Mourinho’s team have had a great goalkeeper, strong defence, a hard-wroking and creative midfield and a goalscoring striker.

Although Man City may have scored two more goals than the London ‘Blues’ this term, Chelsea’s goal difference is far superior.

You also cannot forget that Chelsea have only lost twice this season in the league, compared to City’s seven domestic defeats.

This ideology that winning football games with nothing but fluid attacking possession football is flawed. Although Barcelona and Real Madrid have superb front-lines, they also boast great defenders. Plus look at maverick coaches like Marcelo Biesla and Zdenek Zeman, both are lauded for their attacking tactics but it doesn’t gain their teams enough long-term success.

Also what’s wrong with being strong defensively? For many defending is an art form.

Just look ahead to the massive boxing bout that will happen later on in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather is still boxing’s pound for pound best boxer coming into his fight with Manny Pacquiao. The American fighter is unbeaten in his previous forty-seven fights. Yet like Chelsea, Mayweather gets stick for being too defensive and not always being a joy to watch. But his tactics are extremely successful. He gets wins through his strong defence and making his counter punches work.

That’s pretty similar to Chelsea’s tactics this season. Although I do wonder if Mayweather and Mourinho could get into the same room together or would their egos just be too large to co-exist?

Even historically in the English Premier League, Chelsea are bigger than Man City. They have won more Premier League titles and have also won the Champions League, a prize Man City desperately covet.

To be honest Jose Mourinho baited Manuel Pellegrini and the Chilean fell for it hook, line and sinker!

I believe Manuel’s reaction could be one of his last acts at Manchester City and it’s a shame that he’s let himself down by raising to the bait and making a foolish comment that isn’t actually true.

4 Responses to “Pellegrini Is Foolish For Calling Chelsea A Small Team”

  1. peleglini should mind his business, Is absolutely nonsense to compared Manchester city to Chelsea, what Chelsea have Manchester city don’t have so he should shut up his mouth. All his statement shows that he is not good just because, if you are going to meet opponent what first you need is to analyzed the game before up your formation and the type of players needed ,but he mourinho do all this things and now becoming the champion and you are just criticizing him, don’t you peligrini and wenger know that mourinho is master of tactician? absolutely nonsense to call Chelsea small team and boring team. Two of you must be fired at the end of the season, specialist in failures coaches.

  2. Those are the last kicks of a dying horse, pellegrini will be fired soon.

  3. Wenger and pellegrini they r d worst coaches Eva,u called a team lyk Chelsea small team,u must be joking . Both Wenger n pellegrini got a great players but what have they achieve so far this season.Two of u should go n learn or better still resign bf u got fire…To mouriho has done a great job so far dis season..Good coach+great player+technicals=champion..

  4. Where do men hate the successes of others; and never see reason for their failures. Rigid yet admired the technical flexibilities of others.

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