New Hellas Verona x COPA Scudetto Collection

Hellas Verona FC 1984-85 Home

Hellas Verona has teamed up with COPA for a special Scudetto collection.

Thirty years ago Hellas Verona won the Scudetto coached by Osvaldo Bagnoli. He had formed a team with a great mix of players such as, Pietro Fanna, Antonio Di Gennaro, Giuseppe Galderisi and star players Hans-Peter Briegel and Preben Elkjær Larsen. To this day, the scudetto of Hellas Verona in the 1984-85 season is still considered the biggest surprise ever in Italian football history.

The collection consists of the home and away 1984-85 replica shirt, a retro track top, three specially designed T-shirts and two ‘My First Hellas Verona’ baby shirts. The design of the collection was the result of the collaboration with Giuliano Garonzi, Swedish based but Verona born and raised designer of Adept studio.

All items are produced in Europe and are available exclusively in the Hellas Verona fan store at Via Carlo Cattaneo 2 and online at

You can also check out more COPA ranges HERE.

As many regular readers of know, I love COPA and this new Hellas Verona link up looks senstational. Have a look below at some superb images!

 Hellas Verona FC 1984-85 AwayHellas Verona FC Bagnoli T-Shirt Hellas Verona FC 1984-85 Jacket Hellas Verona FC Brigate Gialoblu T-Shirt8505 Hellas Verona FC 1984-85 LogoHellas Verona FC Team T-Shirt Hellas Verona FC 1984-85 box

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