Jose Mourinho Over Played His Hand In Medical Drama



Firstly let me say that two people will be missing from Chelsea’s bench on Sunday, when they take on Manchester City. The press seem to love nothing more than hinting at a sexism row and have concentrated on Jose Mourinho falling out with club doctor Eva Carneiro. Many see physio Jon Fearn (who has also been told to stay away on Sunday) as an after thought.

The whole story has turned into a soap opera and that’s sad as it’s an important issue that we should discuss.

Former Chelsea doctor Ralph Rogers got a few things right when he criticised Dr Carneiro over the debacle.

He was right to suggest she was naive to post a message of thanks on Facebook, although Jose was just as naive to publicly criticise his medical staff. I also think he made a good point about their being an underlying issue between Jose and his medical team. Dr Rogers is also correct when he suggests that Eva (and Jon) will struggle to regain Jose’s trust.

But Ralph Rogers has also said a lot of things that seem disrespectful and are inaccurate.

For a start, to suggest she’s a wannabe ‘celebrity doctor’ or ‘cheerleader’ is just downright unprofessional.

He also suggests that no one is bigger than Jose at Chelsea. Well I would just like to point out that Mr Mourinho isn’t bigger than the club.

More importantly when it comes to medical matters, then even on the football pitch the doctors and physio’s are more important than the manager. It’s really that simple, for a physician to suggest otherwise is ridiculous, it’s almost as if Dr Rogers is trying to worm his way back into Jose Mourinho’s backroom staff.

I love Mourinho as a football manager, he’s one of the best in the world. I actually enjoy his arrogant style but this time he’s went too far and comes across like a stubborn bully and an idiot.

Look at the facts:

Eden Hazard received a knock and was rolling around the turf. The referee is then seen talking to Hazard. The ref calls on Chelsea’s medical team to take a look at the player, he makes that request twice!

So Dr Carneiro and Mr Fearn had a duty to go onto the field and assess Hazard’s medical condition.

Mourinho is right, the timing wasn’t great but that was no ones fault, unless Hazard was play acting.

He said that Hazard was clearly just tired (was he going for a nap?) and that his medical department were ‘naive’ and didn’t understand the game. I’d put it to Jose that he hasn’t got a medical degree and football will never be more important than a player’s health.

Also if Hazard wasn’t in need of treatment, then why did the ref call for Chelsea’s medical team? Surely it was Hazard who was in the wrong by staying down for too long.

So let’s say that it was Hazard’s fault and he was over playing it, doesn’t that mean he should also miss Sunday’s game?

To openly come out and criticise his medical staff after the game was out of order. Of course it was in the heat of the moment but he got this one wrong and has continued to make it worse by suggesting otherwise.

I will leave you with this…

At White Hart Lane on the 17th of March Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered from a cardiac arrest on the pitch. His manager Owen Coyle wasn’t the main man for Bolton that day. It was the Spurs/Bolton medical teams, ambulance staff and a doctor from the stands that took centre-stage that day and thankfully Fabrice survived! 

I know it’s an extreme situation but unlike football managers, the medical team on the sidelines need to be prepared for all eventualities.

They deserve our upmost respect!

Jose showed a lack of respect last weekend and he can’t spin it any other way.

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  1. Please stop changing the facts of this situation. The incident where Michael Oliver calls the medical staff onto the pitch to attend Hazard was the Sigurdson challenge which occurred 5 min before the Williams tackle.
    When Williams fouled Hazard in injury time it can be clearly seen that Oliver walks away from the incident towards Williams to book him. During this time ie Oliver speaking to Williams and writing his name in book etc the medical staff have already come onto the field. He did not call them.
    The media have taken two separate incidents and spliced them into one to get inaccurate facts to suit their attack on Mourinho. Check the replays if you don’t believe me.

  2. OK the two highlight shows I’ve managed to look back on weren’t conclusive either way.

    But even if you are right the medical team have to be respected & it’s their opinion that counts. Hazard still stayed down & that would have given them a choice to make.

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