Picture Blog: Celtic Park

Celtic Parkjpg

As regular readers know, I like to build up my own library of pictures and then you don’t run the risk of infringing any copyright laws.

As Celtic Park is on my door step and I write a fair bit about the team in Hoops, it seemed natural that they would be my next target.

So it was all about getting a dry day (not easy in Glasgow) and time away from work. That all happened this week.

Unfortunately as I was taking one of the further away shots, a passing motorist decided to shout out ‘FENIAN’ at me out of his window. Now I was at Celtic Park and I did have a green jumper on but I am neither a Catholic nor a Celtic fan. All of which is irrelevant, it is just such a shame that certain things still matter in Glasgow and someone feels the need to abuse a total strange just because they are at a football ground.

Enjoy the pictures and get in contact if you wish to use any of the pictures.

25 CP ultra wide from frontJock Stein17 Sound of CelticCeltic Park Wide Paradiseceltic cone Lions standJimmy Johnstoe2.ParadiseCP Front celtic GateWelcomeHate RacismBrother Wilfred

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