Can Romelu Lukaku Cut It At Higher Level?


Everton’s main striker Romelu Lukaku has been in tremendous form so far this season. The Belgian has bagged an impressive nine goals in his thirteen English Premier League appearances.

Recently his ‘super-agent’ Mino Raiola stated an agreement was in place that Everton wouldn’t stand in the strikers way of a big move as long as the Merseyside club were well compensated.

As soon as Raiola mentions the possibility of one of his clients leaving his current club you can bet your bottom dollar the agent is already sounding out potential suitors.

Now Romelu’s current scoring record (47 goals in 97 games) is enough to get teams interested in him.

But doubts remain regarding the Belgian international hitman performing at a higher level.

See I think Lukaku may have found his perfect level at Goodison, which by the way is a very good one.

Yes the big man has a nose for a goal but the bigger sides that challenge in Europe and for domestic titles like their frontmen to do more than just score.

In this age, the elite clubs are fearful of carrying players. They want forwards who can press, hound defenders and/or work back when needed too. They also see a huge value in possession and want the attackers to hold up the ball and keep it.

These are qualities that the twenty-three year old Romelu Lukaku has so far failed to incorporate into his game.

Lukaku didn’t look great at the World Cup in Brazil. His overall play was’t deemed good enough by Belgian coach Marc Wilmots. More often than not he was on the bench watching young Divock Origi taking his place in the team.

Look at Man United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Chelsea. They are teams micro-managed by bosses big on discipline. They want forwards who are all-rounders. That may upset the fans but these managers won’t be shifted on their positions. Plus can we really argue with them? They are winners more often than not.

Jose Mourinho was critical of Lukaku’s attitude when he left Chelsea for Everton in the summer of 2014. Would he be convinced that Lukaku is now a changed player and man? I doubt it as it might be seen as Mourinho admitting he made a mistake in the first place.

Man City already have an expensive striker in Wilfried Bony who had a proven record of scoring in the Premier League but alas hasn’t been that great for the Citizens. Would they risk making the same mistake twice?

I doubt Arsenal would pay a huge transfer fee on a player that hasn’t already done it in the Champions League or in a championship winning team. I also doubt any Italian side would pay a big fee for him.

A team like Real Madrid already have a player in Cristiano Ronaldo who is the only one worthy of not defending at the Bernabeu and Romelu Lukaku isn’t as good as Cristiano!

I suppose the only side I can realistically see taking an interest in him would be PSG. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Raiola moving Zlatan Ibrahimovic away from the French capital for one last sizeable pay day and then Mino would simply position Lukaku under the noses of the Qatari’s who own and run PSG.

But would PSG see the Toffees frontman as being that star they always believe they need? I’d expect them to go for a bigger name. Maybe they’d go back to Lukaku if they couldn’t get one of their main targets.

Plus lets not forget Everton in all this. Raiola said the Toffees would do a deal at a ‘fair price’. But what would be seen as a ‘fair price’? Who determines what’s fair? The player, the agent or the club? They could all have different definitions of the word.

Look at how Everton dealt with the John Stones transfer saga. They rejected very large bids from Chelsea for the England international. It was also reported that they did the same with Seamus Coleman and they’ve previously acted the same way with Leighton Baines.

So what would they value a prolific striker who has cost them £28m?

I’d suggest at least £40m and that could again put off potential suitors.

So all in all, I think Romelu Lukaku may have found his level at Everton as the top teams could be unwilling to take a huge gamble on a player viewed as just a prolific goalscorer.

2 Responses to “Can Romelu Lukaku Cut It At Higher Level?”

  1. Tell me how is playing in the French league playing at a higher level?

  2. In terms of league it’s not. But they do reach the latter stages of the Champions League, have great players and have lots of cash.

    As clubs Everton has a much greater history.

    My only point was out of the elite European clubs I think PSG are the only ones that may have the need and cash to buy Lukaku next summer.

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