Rangers: Why Warburton Has Hit Out At Media Reports


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has hit out at constant reports linking him away from Ibrox and back to the English Championship.

His response on Twitter and in his latest press conferences seems to have raised a few eye-brows with those in the media and from former players.

Now I can see why the press have decided to link the Gers boss with moves to Fulham and the like, no doubt a rumour will start involving Mark and the now vacant Reading job. It’s easy copy and might just sell an extra paper or two.

But we have to look at why Mark Warburton may be frustrated with the constant speculation regarding his departure.

He’s at a crucial point in his debut season in the Ibrox hotseat.

His team have recently suffered a slight lull in form and that has seen main rivals Hibs close the gap between the two top Championship sides.

The last thing Warburton wants is for the media to speculate about him and for that to cause a distraction in the changing room. That could see his players take their collective eye off the ball and see Hibs garner even more belief.

Mark has also clearly stated in previous press conferences that he only has eyes on the job at hand. It’s clearly very frustrating to answer the same questions, especially when you feel that you aren’t being heard.

That’s probably why he decided to take to Twitter and tell the fans direct that these stories hold no truth.

MW Tweet

The Gers gaffer is also trying to line up deals in January that could boost his sides title ambitions, this should show his ongoing commitment. But the stories linking him with a move away can lead to potential new players having second doubts if they believe the current managerial regime no longer has a long future at the club.

The fact is that Mark Warburton came to Rangers and insisted it was a job that attracted him as it was a long term project to get the club back in the Scottish Premiership and challenging.

It seems to grate with him that some in the press seem intent not to take him at his word and constantly bother him with the same old questions.

As I said earlier I can see why the press have linked him with a move to the English Championship. He has done well at Brentford and is doing a fine job at Ibrox. He knows that league well, it offers more money and his family live down south.

But I feel it’s important to understand why this constant reporting frustrates managers, especially at this crucial time in a season and early on in their current deal.

Ultimately Mark Warburton will need to get used to it, learn to ignore it and keep reaffirming his commitment to the Rangers job by continuing to do well on the training park and by getting results on the pitch!

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  1. I think you are missing the point here, although you do touch on it briefly, the reason this is still a story is due to the total control of the media, who like nothing better than stirring crap up to not only wind up Rangers fans but to disrupt the Rangers team to help them sell more papers along with their ongoing propaganda.

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