Why Would Rafa Benitez Take On Newcastle Utd Role? Why Would They Want Him?


Newcastle United’s season is far from over.

But I’d imagine that Steve McLaren’s time is up at St James’ Park, even if he tries his hardest to stay away from meeting with the the club’s managing director.

The Toon have a game in hand and are only two points away from getting out of the relegation zone.

But even with that said, would a good calibre boss like Rafa Benitez be ready to join Newcastle Utd at this current period?

I seriously doubt it!

Firstly we are talking about the Spaniard going from Real Madrid to a relegation dog fight.

Yes I bet Rafa would like to have another crack at the Premier League but surely he’d wait for better circumstances.

He would be wary of walking into a club that is very much in a major crisis. He would have to work for a regime that isn’t liked by the support and that tension adds plenty of pressure that Benitez wouldn’t be keen on.

The fact is this, Newcastle United Football Club are currently toxic and that will put off the very best managers.

Yes they have great fans and a wonderful stadium but that is no longer enough.

The club needs a huge clear-out.

For United to move forward with the full support of their faithful fans then owner Mike Ashley needs to cut all ties with the club. That is highly unlikely!

They also need to get rid of those currently occupying the boardroom seats and those in charge of player recruitment. There is no backbone at the helm and no clear and definitive plan. Also maybe look at upgrading the training ground, it’s amazing the difference a top quality training environment can do for a top flight club.

If the club are lucky enough to survive then they will better off selling a huge chunk of their playing squad who continually under-perform. They spent big last summer, yet are on a huge decline!

Plus would Newcastle Utd really be better off getting Rafa at this stage? 

I seriously doubt it. He is a coach that can divide player opinion and the squad doesn’t need that kind of aggro at the moment.

Rafa Benitez is the type who likes a blank sheet of paper to start a new project in his image. When you look at his poor tenures in charge at Inter Milan and Real Madrid, he came in and failed to get players believing in him. That was at two successful clubs!

What Newcastle United need, at least for the remainder of this season, is a firefighter you can get them out of trouble. Someone like Tony Pulis or dare I say it Sam Allardyce. Obvious neither of those two are available at the moment. Maybe Nigel Pearson?

Then look at a bigger change in the summer. The first priority has to be Premier League security and then plan for the future.

But again the whole club is in turmoil and changes at all levels need to happen if we are going to see Newcastle United at their very best!

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  1. Why would he not be interested in taking the job at nufc,after all a job is a job .He would take over at a club where they average 52000 at every home game, and arguably have the most passionate fans in the country.If it can work for raneiri at Leicester I don’t see any reason for it not working for Rafa at
    Newcastle.After all Leicester barely survived last season and are now top of the premiership having hardly any money to spend – so just imagine what Rafa can do at Newcastle with a hefty budget for new players.

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