Wesley Hoedt In Two Club Battle


There is a transfer battle going on between Middlesbrough and Southampton currently surrounding Lazio’s 22 year old defender, Wesley Hoedt. According to the most recent reports, both clubs are said to have contacted the Serie A team enquiring as to whether they’d consider an early contract release. However, from what can be gleaned from the rumours, it appears Lazio aren’t overly keen on surrendering their player.

When the Dutch footballer first moved to the club from AZ, it was thought he would primarily be a substitute, however it wasn’t long before he secured himself a regular slot in the first team. As you would expect, this means that he is a top candidate for Lazio in every match, with 35 appearances so far.

With Southampton having finished sixth last season with 60 points to their name, it would seem that the addition of a new defender could inch them closer to the top of the League. Their preparation ready for the 2016 season has already begun, and is moving at a steady if not overwhelming pace, with Virgil van Dijk and veteran Jose Fonte presently occupying centre-back positions.

If Hoedt should move, which is very much uncertain at this time, it could mean that punting over at Bookies.com will be different and frantic over the coming months, with fans trying to anticipate the conquences of the transfer.

However, if Middlesbrough should be successful then it seems the Saints may need to look elsewhere for innovation. Having finished second in the Football League Championship and winning promotion, Boro could go either way this season.

However, when it comes down to both teams, the real question that needs to be asked is whether Wesley Hoedt would be content playing for either of them?

There is now under a month until the transfer deadline, so all teams within the Premier League will need to concentrate their efforts to get those signings before the 31st August. At this stage it is anyone’s guess as to whether Lazio will give up such a prized player, and whether Wesley Hoedt would prove as useful to either Boro or The Saints should he move. The only thing that is for certain is that they will have a tough battle on their hands in an attempt to try and purchase the player, as it’s unlikely the Italian team will let him go cheap.

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  1. Boro finished 2nd in the Championship not 4th

  2. Are you living a year in arrears?

    Southampton finished 6th in 2016 with 63 points.

  3. The super Saints finished 6th last not 7th that position was taken by west ham. Facts are easy to check try online its EASY

  4. Sorry it’s a guest article, I only quickly checked for spelling errors and overlooked the errors on league positions which obviously wasn’t good enough, especially since both sides did so well last term!

    I apologise and I’ve rectified them.

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