A Look At Footballing Christmas Gifts!


So it’s the first of December and most of us are losing our minds with the thought of the festive football feast that we’ll see this month.

Obviously Christmas is a time we can swell our team’s coffers with ridiculous purchases that only the fanatical can be happy with.

Here is my look at some of the merchandise that’s out on offer.


First up is this dressing gown or bathrobe from Napoli.

We all want to be warm as we relax on the couch after eating all the leftovers and watching the Boxing Day fixtures.

You too could look like a Christmas Smurf for just €36.



In Scotland we have this stylish pair of Motherwell Bawbag boxers.

Many a man gets underwear for Christmas, so why not get them in your teams colours!

Keep your own Christmas baubles comfy for just £14.

Ath Mad

Christmas is all about the kids right?

Well why not kit your baby out in this Atletico Madrid outfit? Fernando Torres did love his thumb in the mouth celebration after all!

So make your kid the best hipster on the block for a price of €22.90.



Make sure you don’t forget about your tangerines and your nuts.

For those goodies you’ll need a stocking to hang by the mantlepiece and Borussia Dortmund have you covered complete with a yellow santa!

Will only set you back £5.



Nothing says Christmas like a card with a giant shrimp on it.

Impress or depress your family and friends with these Morecambe FC x-mas cards.

A bundle will set you back a fiver.

Dog Hat

As the cold creeps in you can keep your bonce toasty with this highly stylish Dogue hat from Lille.

It’s red and it will be a talking point when your turn up in the stands with it on.

Just €15 Euros to you!

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