5 Cheap Ways To Get Sportswear


Hey, want to lose weight, and really need a wardrobe for it (like you’ve got nothing but jeans, skirts and work pants in your closet?) I get it, so I’ve come up with a list of 5 efficient, fun, and inexpensive options So where do we begin?

1) Go online! – Yes yes, I know, it’s shameless, but why not? Some sites offer free shipping (and reasonable prices for deliveries that need to be made overnight, if you, say, have a last-minute sporting event to attend that you want to dazzle at), and there are a wide variety of stores that offer great deals such as Mamma.com. A little research won’t hurt and can help you find that offer items at an equally wide variety of prices.

2) Go to a swap meet! Also called a clothing swap, this is an efficient and fun way to both get rid of the clothes in your closet you never use, and to pick up items you need for ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY except the entry fee, if the organizers included one. Not only can you pick up a kicking set of runners, you will meet some fabulous socially conscious guys and gals, increase your networking and be part of the world wide and ever evolving sharing community. You might even end up donating your leftover items to a worthy cause! (Often times, mega-swap organizers donate leftover items that didn’t get swapped to shelters and organizations that distribute clothing to the needy).

3) Make your own T-shirts and shorts! We all know it gets rainy on the weekends a lot more often than we’d like it, so why not set up a project for yourself, if you and/or a friend has a golden sewing thumb? Are you holding on to any old fabric or clothes made out of amazing fabric that are no longer wearable, because of a rip or a stain? The rest is good, right? So get creative! Get some scissors, a sewing machine (or borrow from a friend with one) and mix and match your fab fabric, put in a drawstring if you’re making shorts or pants, and there you go! Workout clothes!

4) Street sales – hit those up ladies. Street sales exist to help stores liquidate their hard-to-sell items. You can pick up T-shirts, sweatpants and yoga pants at a really low price. If you don’t like them, glam them up with some sequins or some press-ons (remember those? They can be useful again 🙂

5) Follow the discount signs! Walk by a store that sells workout clothing and gear and see a discount sign? Go inside! Some stores offer better deals than others, but you never know – maybe you’ll see something that will suit both your budget and your tastes. You’ll only find out if you walk in.

So there you go – five fab ways to look for workout clothes. Have a great workout season – you’re worth every good feeling you’ll get by working on your fine fab self.

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