Man City Will Be Better Off Without Nolito

“My daughter’s face has changed colour – it looks like she’s been living in a cave.”

“I am under the contract, so the club will decide, but I want to leave,”

As resignation speeches go, it’s going to be hard to beat Manchester City forward Nolito’s for utter bizarreness.

Manchester isn’t the sunniest place in the world huh? Well no shit Sherlock.

The Spanish international also said he struggled to adapt and failed to learn the language. I’m not going to be mad at that if I’m being honest, we all know that the British players struggle with the same sort of problems, whenever they venture beyond our shores.

But make no mistake, the real reason Nolito is ready to pack his bags isn’t due to the lack of sunshine (read in the voice of a Gallagher brother) it’s because he didn’t have the hunger to win a place in the City team and keep that place.

In total Nolito only made nineteen Premier League appearances for the Citizens. Of those appearances only nine of them were starts, the last of which came on Boxing Day last year!

The forward only scored five goals throughout the campaign and only two of them came when he started. As for assists he only created three.

Those stats show he didn’t perform to the standards that City coach Pep Guardiola expected of him.

He once again showed that he couldn’t be a star for a big team.

Guardiola and City will be much better off cutting their losses by granting the thirty-year old his wish and facilitating his return to Spain.

La Liga side Sevilla have already been credited with an interest. The attacker was even spotted chatting to Los Blanquirrojos director of football:

“I was just casually shopping for clothes for my wife in Seville. I went to get a coffee and bumped into Sevilla’s director of football casually.”

I love the fact he felt the need to use the word ‘casually’ twice. Maybe Liverpool could get him to do their transfer meetings.

The player clearly wants to leave the Etihad Stadium, so if Sevilla or any other Spanish side for that matter come in with a bid of £10m or upwards then I doubt Man City chiefs will be hard to deal with.

City will go out and bring in a better option. Bernard Silva has already arrived from AS Monaco and talk about Arsenal hitman Alexis Sanchez has started to pick up pace.

It’s important that Pep Guardiola cuts away the deadwood as soon as possible and then recruits footballers that show the right kind of commitment to the club.

As long as the club warn any future star that Manchester isn’t constantly basking in sunshine! (Again who knew?)

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  1. Nolito really messed up with his criticism of the Manchester weather and his betrayal of the trust the club had on him

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